How hot is it?

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With a view to our move to Europe in a few years we wonder just how hot has it been over there these last few months? We can see the temperatures as given by the met office but just how is it to actually live in these extremely high temperatures? Do you carry on as normal? Are certain things harder to do? Is it uncomfortable to live as you normally would? Or are our news broadcasters painting a picture of doom and gloom when in fact life goes on as normal? It would be very informative and interesting to hear from those of you who actually have your feet on the ground over there. We are currently looking at the Malaga area as a potential place to move to but we are keeping an open mind so potentially southern France or elsewhere in Spain are possibilities. I’d be very grateful to hear from you if you have time to let us know what it’s like as it will help us form our options. Of course we are aware that this year may be an anomaly but just in case it’s a sign of things to come then being prepared is best. Many thanks. Alex and family❤️
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I can't speak for Europe, but here in the UK, weather forecasts are always over the top (ever since someone at the Met office underestimated a very strong wind that killed someone). We had our hottest ever day recently (40C) and it was very hot but people were still working almost as normal and we had to take care and get plenty of shade. I didn't hear of any deaths or serious harm to anyone.

But it gets hotter in Europe and is more regular, so I hope you find a good informative answer.
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