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A Perfect Storm

Lyric #3013 by bluvation

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New frontiers and trails untraveled.
Destinations Incomplete.
Salty tears from clouds unraveled
Sting the wounds of blistered feet

Wilderness floods the desert
A Fata Morgana never reached,
The burning sun fights to divert
Every mirage in its breach

The crested waves of untamed oceans
Crashing down on harbor walls
Thunder rolls, the storms in motion
Lightning strikes as nighttime falls

A perfect storm of lost emotion
Sudden in its violent squall
Overturns the strongest notion
With eerie sounds of Neptune's call

(Music Interlude)

Rising smoke and burning pinecones
Smoldering earth where redwoods grew
Glow beneath the thinning ozone
Orange from the fighter's crew

Wilder storms and longer seasons
Common now from our neglect
Too many still ignore the reason
With their hands around our neck
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Music Track all adds welcome
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Added a vocal with slightly different lyrics, all adds and versions welcomed
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