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How to evaluate one jam track

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Hellow everybody. Just thinking. Which is right approch to evaluate one track.
1.How many percent thumbs based on people listened. For example 12/125 =9.6%
2.Number of comments and type of comments.
3.It is just personal subjective factor and feeling.
4.All above and more... :)
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Lol the liking and thumbing on Wikiloops does not really say too much, it depends on so many things. For instance, if you upload the same track on a different day or a different hour, you get more/less likes and comments... If you are very active on Wikiloops, and you remix a lot, comment a lot and then you upload a track, you might get a lot of response, but if you take two months "vacation" from Wikiloops and then upload the same track, you might get much less response. So basically, my advice is: Do not give the amount of comments or likes too much importance, it is a nice thing to have and always nice to get some positive feedbacks. But don't let a low count discourage you :)
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