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How often and long approximately you play on Wikiloops

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Of course this is so personal and depends of other activities of everyone,season,etc. But Just approximate if you can share this info. This is just to set my WIKI watch.Thanks.:(
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Hey Krasimir,

thanks for asking - and as you can imagine, we all handle (and probably answer) this quite differently.

For me, in the beginning it was quite often, and sometimes spontaneously, so even before going shopping with my family and the car (I'm the driver) on a Saturday, I first sat down and recorded the bass to #132190 (as you can see on the date, that was in 2018, after being one month in WL).

Nowadays it's not that often anymore - I also bought an upright bass in 2020 and cannot always practise that because I live in a rented flat and together with a family ;) I'm also doing lots of things here besides playing, so...

Just my personal info, don't know if that helps.

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I'm here about 2 weeks now, and can't stay away. I'm trying to learn how to use a new gadget to record, but keep putting it off to listen here and to write songs inspired by what I see and read and hear here mostly. I also should not be sitting down so much in front of the screen, but I'm already addicted. I don't do any other social media though, so I think that makes the interactions more attractive to me. We all need to interact. Unlike Fakebook, all engagement is genuine and not manipulated for profit by some billionaires, so that is really good. I feel I'm a bit out of balance though, getting a bit too much WL, so that will settle down in due course.
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Thanks guys. Question is a bit here and there. I can say often or seldom we give piece of our time and pleasure to wikiloops. Cheers.
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More of a winter thing for me, I live on a boat so it's an outdoor sort of life during the summer, usually a lot of time maintaining and painting ready to relax in the winter. Recently I'm having to admit my hearing loss, hyperacusis and tinnitus is making my mixing really bad, it's not encouraging to play when things don't sound good whatever you do. I do usually listen to the album of the day while I have breakfast though.

Having said all that I'll never give up completely. :)
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WL is the musician's equivalent of potato chips and caffeine, it's hard to stay away from! So unashamedly, being there's no WLA, my answer is 'Too much time probably' :)
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