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Ticket - failure to upload

ticket - failure to upload

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Major 3rd
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I have not been able to upload for months now...hence my MIA status.....
I moved and out here only DSL is available....when I first got here I was able to upload with my old 2006 iMac but I got a new IMAC PRO laptop
and since then was only able to upload once....I am able to upload all other platforms....the change happened it seems to me after the work was done on wiki platform back in march (area) I contacted my service provider, I contacted apple and all say it's not anything on my end....Im not very technical so that makes it difficult. I miss jamming with everyone....I paid for the 3 math subscription and have not been able to do any adds (I would donate that anyways even without being able to use platform as I think it is a good cause) so not complaining about that part of it....

here is a screen shot of the message I receive....I don't think it will help much as it says very little...I did what it said and everything I mentioned above....

UPDATE - something inclined me to try uploading a new browser...Firefox...well, for the 1st upload it worked...can anyone tell me why Safari (current version) will not allow me to upload on wikiloops but does everywhere else? is there some setting in Safari? anyways I'll try another upload to test it...fingers crossed:|
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TeeGee Supporter
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OK, we will have a look
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TeeGee Supporter
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Did you put in a track name and some text? It would be good if somehow you could show on your screenshot like I did, also the console
TeeGee attached the following image:

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TeeGee Supporter
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it seems its the Safari browser, What version is it-?
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Dick Supporter
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Hey Folks,
I just took a deepdive into the upload code this morning to check what is going on.
Seems to me there must be something Safari related going on, still I'd love to get this fixed instead of directing users to use different browsers...
I have changed very little on the uploads side so far, but adjusted the error message as you can see in below image.
If someone could pretty please reproduce the bug and send me a screenshot of whatever is logged in the browser console, that might help.
Dick attached the following image:

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Dick Supporter
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Joined: Dec 30, 2010
p.s. I edited the Majors opening post and removed the screenshot -
I love seeing screenshots, but yours accidentally exposed your email address (that was visible in the second browser tabs label), so I removed the image.
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