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Everyone’s too nice !

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I don’t know how you feel about this but I am on WikiLoops not just to have fun but also to help improve as a musician, trouble is no one says when they don’t like what you’ve done so you never learn how to get any better. I’m a big boy now , I can take it on the chin , if you don’t like it and you’ve got some constructive criticism then please feel free . Saying nothing or just a thanks for joining Is an indication that you don’t like something but gives no clue as to why. Obviously insults like that was a pile of dog dodos are not welcome but at least it’s an honest opinion even if it’s not and never will be factually correct !
What do you reckon ?
Perhaps we need a register of all those who would welcome some honest feedback .Just an idea
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Good point Mikey :)

Well I can say something about tracks being too loud and distorted, or not loud enough when compared with others, but it gets a lot more difficult when talking about "quality" of music.

Even if I would have studied it, who am I to criticise others? There's a slippery slope called personal taste IMO... even if I don't try to think "Ok; Metal is not my expertise"...

But we have some members with a vast and deep knowledge of music, and sometimes when they *do* try to be helpful, it still can be misinterpreted by some. If you *ask* for critique in one of your uploads, then I'll guess you will receive some ;)

Hope that helps?
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Yes I fully get what you’re saying and I certainly would not wish to offend anyone .Maybe I should make a point in my track descriptions that I welcome all comments both good and bad but particularly constructive criticim .I recognize that all views are personal opinions and that we do not all have the same tastes so I do not expect everyone to like what I do ( of course it’s always fantastic when people do and take the time to say so ) but to me anyway any comment is better than no comment !
Thankyou for replying Wolfgang and your opinions are always valued
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Hi Mikey I think this is a very good point :) for sure we should have fun and Wikiloops is a social platform but we're also musicians and want to envolve. Therefore I will heed Wolfgangs great tip in the future. :)
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I felt very hesitant suggesting yesterday that some volumes should be changed, cos I'm not the most tactful and don't want to offend but it was taken well and appreciated and a better mix came from it. So if it's obviously something I know I'm right about, I'll do it again and speak carefully in future and especially if it's you MikeyJ :)
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An everlasting question, offense or defense. I always say something about technical stuff, but only things that I really like about. Mix or vibe or whatever. And I take time when I listen, and it's actually always on loop. The rest seems obvious to me, I don't mention it, not in my jams, not on others.
I learned that, when you make it to Wikiloops, you must have a thick firewall already. Mentally. Because uploading your personal music into the web takes bravery. Sorry if I'm too off with my language right here.

I have a hand full of jams that go beyond 98decibel. Finding the best mixdown, I choose what has the most emotional effect, and I take the risk that some don't like it, but you don't need to bang your earphones to the max vol. I wouldn't. And it's a question of rig and hardware. Because everything is so different, you never know how it sounds to other people.
Still, it's risky to criticise, but there are other music websites that go hard. You will barely have any feedback, Wikiloops is special. Everyone talks to eachother, for favors, improvements. I agree that a "cool jam" or only a +1 is somewhat rude, but if I really need some ears, I send some pm's. That's the good thing about Loops, you can actually talk to everyone and come into conversation. Give and receive.
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Thanks all who have responded .
Eothen , like you say Wolfgang I think has the right idea, we should say if we welcome criticism ,otherwise we need to be very careful because some people are easily offended and with different languages words meant to help can be taken as insulting
BB , just say it to me as it is mate, I won’t be offended ( I might take you off my Xmas card list though haha :D )
Jax , haven’t talked to you before .Good to meet you ,agree what you say about WikiLoops .I’ve no experience of other music collaboration sites but it’s a fantastic community because of the people who participate ( and run it).I don’t want to change the fact that people on it are generally supportive , kind , friendly and helpful , I guess I’m just looking for ideas really how I can improve my contributions ( apart from practicing playing more !)
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