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A Little Love

Lyric #3073 by bassMonkey

Tags: Love, peace and bananas.
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Lost emotion in the fibre,
Stranded somewhere in the glass,
You could sit and wait for answers,
While the minutes slowly pass,
Or perhaps you simply wonder,
If the world has passed you by,
All that you can really hope for,
Is a little love before you fade and die.

Yellow roses in the window,
Wilting in the summer sun,
Momentary and eternal,
It's the same for everyone,
We can't change the way the world is,
But that won't mean we'll never try,
And the one thing we all pray for,
Is a little love before we fade and die.

When I see her in the morning,
I know everything's alright,
And I'll always be there for her,
In the darkness of the night,
Two hearts beating close together,
I never stop to reason why,
Because all I ever needed,
Was a little love before I fade and die.
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Great lyrics - and three verses is just perfect for one of the last tunes ;)
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Great lyrics!
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