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Polka-Dot Dress

Polka-Dot Dress

Lyric #3103 by bassMonkey

Tags: Dark, Hallowe'en-ish
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bassMonkey Supporter
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Sitting at a club in a polka-dot dress in Chinatown,
She always come out at this time of the year to hunt,
The subway lines all trace out the shape of the battleground,
And the beautiful idiots wait in the line out front.

The boy waiting tables looks like he died 'bout a week ago,
Catching his eye is exactly as hard as you'd think,
After a while a contact is made with the spirit world,
I order the girl in the polka-dot dress a drink.

She's gliding to me like silk running over a coffin lid,
She sits and she says in a voice of the purest night:
"I can cure pain in your heart like no woman ever did,
Baby, why don't you come with me and we'll put that right?".

We go upstairs to that room where the curtains are always closed,
And the rent gets paid by the hour to a man outside,
In the grip of a frenzy we tear off each other's clothes,
And fall to that bed where so many sinners have lied.

She start like a whisper but soon she come on like a fire truck,
The sweat on her white skin making her shine like a ghost,
And perhaps she can sense that she's finally out of luck,
As she moves to my neck for the thing she wants the most.

The hawthorn stake in my hand strikes her heart like the hand of God,
And the vampire kicks and it bucks as it starts to die,
Destructive ends ordained by the violent path it trod,
I mourn for who she once was as I look in her eye.

Joyful the soul that can find everything that it's looking for,
But I watch her burn with a feeling of pure despair,
And the last thing I see as I leave and I close the door,
The polka-dot dress slung over the back of a chair.
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Superb lyrics! "She's gliding to me like silk running over a coffin lid"...
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bassMonkey Supporter
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Hi BB, thanks for that, greatly appreciate the comment.:)

Haven't seen one of your lyrics for a week or two - hope there's more on the way!
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