Remembering Don_T

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Sad news have reached us this morning:

Our fellow wikiloops member Don_T has passed away earlier this year.
May he rest in peace and jam on in heaven!

You may visit his obituary page here if you like:

Don was a great guy with a good sense of humor.
I remember us having fun times discussing the merits of long beards and pink guitars, some may remember.

Dons music will stay around for us, check out some of it on his profile if you care for country & blues vibes:

We even have a little video footage of Don around, as he took part in the 2018 video collaboration series:

Feel free to share some thoughts or memories here or on the page linked above, I am sure Dons family will appreciate reading how much Don was appreciated among his fellow musicians.
I do miss him.
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So sad to read that Don has passed away, had the pleasure of jamming with Don on a few tunes and I really enjoyed his style.Rest in Peace Don, you will be missed. Nils Kr Hagen.<3
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Oh my...


Don had some songs on his YT channel, wrote that it's copyrighted - but since he made some here I guess it's okay to share them here as well. Like this one:


Rest in peace my friend... and thanks for all the fun <3
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My country partner in crime. I will miss you....
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Good bye Don 🥹
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R.I.P. Don, you will be missed
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Bon voyage elsewhere Don. I remember our good times of musical sharing around a blues or a country, our discussions around the Bourbon of kentucky and its green countryside...
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Very sad news. RIP Don, I will never forget you. Especially with tunes like this hanging around ;) hehe what a guy he was!
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I loved his banter, made me smile, great musician and he will be missed<3
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I enjoyed Don's music and sense of humor over the years. I loved it when he would combine the two in a song. So fortunate to have shared music and messages with him. R.I.P. my dear friend Don.
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R.I.P., Don. Keeping You in Dear Memory.
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Oh man, that is so sad. Don was such a cool guy, we had a lot of very funny banter about beards, hillbillies, and guitars. He had some very funny song lyrics, and I played an a couple of songs. One of the most fun tracks I played here on Wikiloops started with us having a bit of joking about his little pink guitar, I think it belonged to his granddaughter, nevertheless, out of that picture and the subsequent "pisstaking" this song was made - wonderful.

And then of course, there is the song that he wrote about me :O Yes probably the only one ever to write a song about me, what can I say, I was honoured!! On this song I only added some solo at the end of the song.

Rest in peace Don, wherever you are - maybe one day we will jam again (but I am not playing that pink guitar, ok? :) )
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Such sad news...Don was a talented musician,always friendly and fun, but also a true gentleman. We'll miss you and your music Don <3
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Goodbye dear friend. Till we meet again<3

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We-B-Jammin again "live" in the next life. Maybe we can get our Big Bro Jesus to join in. Call His Name Again
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I can't believe it. The news shocked me.
We did some pieces together.
He remains in my best memories.
He gave us a lot of joy with his person and music.
May you be in heaven looking down on us.

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Oh heavens, such sad news :|

Don was a great guy, and was wonderful to me when I joined the loops. Some of my earliest memories and the good banter we had about music with him will never be forgotten.

May his very dear soul rest in peace.
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sad news indeed ! Don was this kind of nice guy everybody gets along with ... Wish you all the nice time you deserve in great musical company Don !
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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I am sad to read this news, I had a lot of good sessions with Don here on the loops. He was so talented I truly admired him. My your soul rest my good friend. <3🙏
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Deeply saddened. He was a lovely person.
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