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Lyric #3117 by bassMonkey

Tags: Ballads, odd ones
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I live by an upside down fallacy,
In a room with a skeleton key,
Where they unlock the door every Saturday,
To hook me up to their machines.
And they probe as they prod as they cogitate,
Writing down a few things in their books,
Then they ask earnest questions in gibberish,
While giving me pitying looks.

But on most days I run like an antelope,
Through the infinite plains of my mind,
With a sunrise erupting in front of me,
And an ocean of troubles behind.
I can see you down there by the riverside,
As improbable as you're sublime,
The most beautiful thing in the universe,
Eternally frozen in time.

How I wish I could just be a battle flag,
Maybe then you would raise me up high,
And I'll weep as your blood washes over me,
And I'll sing you a song when you die.
When a love shames this world with its purity,
It's a bird you can crush with one look,
I sigh as its broken wings fall on me,
While you write something down in your book.
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