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Medicine Lady

Medicine Lady

Lyric #3129 by bassMonkey

Tags: Western, Weirdness
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I rode over the plain,
On a horse called "Stevie",
That was really her name,
You gotta believe me,
A rattlesnake peeked out,
From over a boulder,
And ol' Stevie freaked out,
I just couldn't hold her,
And that was the start of,
A pretty bizarre day,
'Cause then I got tossed off,
(And not in a good way).

I guess I blacked out then,
And woke up much later,
Laid out in a wigwam,
Right next to a crater,
And that's when I saw her,
The medicine lady,
She gave me some water,
I figured she'd saved me,
She left me six mushrooms,
For soothing my back ache,
Which I quickly con-sumed,
(A really big mis-take).

The cactus plants are singing vocal harmonies tonight,
Coyotes dressed as circus clowns and prairie dogs in flight,
Swooping down like furry eagles, shooing grizzly bears away,
Oh, it's turning in to a most unusual day.

The sky is green and purple and the rocks are made of cheese,
They serve it up on crackers that they make from Catfish knees,
My arms turned into rattlesnakes that tried to bite my balls,
Oh man alive! I don't like this at all.

I slept like a baby,
For more than a day then,
The possee that found me,
Took me for dead man,
They shook me awake though,
Demanding my story,
I gave them the down-low,
In all of it's glory,
So boys if you meet her,
That medicine lady,
Take care what you eat there,
(Those mushrooms be crazy).

When it's raining yellow monkeys from a cotton candy cloud,
And watermelon people read the book of love aloud,
Great houses made of honey bees rise from the river bed,
Days like these, you'll feel you're better off dead.
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