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Dynamite Debbie

Lyric #3169 by bassMonkey

Tags: Love, Crime and Coffee
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Dynamite Debbie is my kinda girl,
Got a gift for destruction that rocks my world,
Man, she could blow a hole in a Soviet tank,
She's the one you call first when you're robbing a bank.

You don't get to grab if there ain't no smash,
Debbie gets you in and then you get the cash,
But one time in Chicago everything went south,
All the sirens went off, I had my heart in my mouth...

I yelled "we're screwed!" and to my surprise,
I turned to see Debbie look right in my eyes,
She says "Boy, I got something that needs to be said..."
And then she drops the freakin' "L" bomb right on my head.

So I just stare, thinking "what do I do?"
And then I say "Debbie girl, I love you too",
So we both run like hell and we get clean away,
And then we quit bank robbing on the very next day.

We bought a café in Winooski Vermont,
Easy going straight if you know what you want,
You'll find it down by the "Block" where the cool kids go,
And now I take the orders while she's brewing the Joe.

From time to time though, in the woods out back,
I see her sneak off with a battered old sack,
Then explosions ring out just around about ten,
I say "kids, it's just your momma blowing sh*t up again".
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Brilliant! <3
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a fun one to do thanks bro [wl]260929[/wl]
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