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An Old Fountain

An Old Fountain

Lyric #3223 by bassMonkey

Tags: Hope and dreams
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At the end of my street,
You'll find an old stone fountain,
And many a lover,
Has met with their lover down there,
It's where you and I meet,
When you come down the mountain,
And we walk hand-in-hand,
Together to the market square.

They've lit the fires tonight,
And there's going to be dancing,
There'll be wine and singing,
In an ocean of smiles so wide,
You're holding me tight,
And then I see you glancing,
Over at the bridegroom,
Dancing with his beautiful bride.

So I kiss you goodnight,
Down at the old stone fountain,
And I watch as you wind,
Your way on the path back to home,
Then a new day ignites,
The sun breaks on the mountain,
I wouldn't change one thing,
Not for all the riches of Rome.
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