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Sock Puppet Love

Sock Puppet Love

Lyric #3224 by bassMonkey

Tags: Poppy, Funny, Silly, Cute, Disturbing - yes, mostly disturbing I think
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It might be those button eyes,
That stare into my soul,
Or that shock of woolly hair,
She shakes out of control.

But I think she gets me,
She really gets me...

When I'm dancing slow she always,
Holds on tight to me,
And when I sing she sings along,
In perfect harmony.

Wow! I think I love her,
I really love her...

[i]My baby heals my soul,
She fits me like a glove,
And every night she gives me,
Sock puppet love.
Sock puppet love.[/i]

If I ever lost her,
She'd be quite hard to replace,
Especially that cheeky smile,
That lightens up her face.

Oh boy, I'd miss her,
I'd really miss her...

She's got a sister,
People say they look the same,
But I know which one is which,
And which one has what name.

Sheila and Delilah,
Oh, wait a minute,
Delilah and Sheila...


[i]My baby heals my soul,
She fits me like a glove,
And every night she gives me,
Sock puppet love.
Sock puppet love.[/i]

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A sock puppet is (by its simplest definition) a crude puppet worn on the hand
(ironically, in the style of a "glove" puppet). As the name suggests, manufactured
by using an old sock and adding on such character building devices as eyes made
out of buttons and hair made out of wool as per my illustration. The mouth is then
formed by your fingers in the toe of the sock which gives you a great deal of
scope for creating expressive faces, even if you suck at ventriloquism.

An easy enough craft project for most and well worth the effort for amusing
small children - or, if you are Shari Lewis, building an entire career.

Now, my lyric was just a fun "its valentines day - deep joy" kind of romp - I
was finding it worked very well with up-tempo poppy tunes, think Beach Boys or
The Beatles and songs like "I feel fine". It has been suggested to me that it
is actually quite multi-layered and a bit dark - who me?

I suppose it depends on how you view the two protaganists, the narrator and his

[u]1) Two Puppets[/u]
Here, it's very innocent of course. We have one sock puppet that falls heavily
for another and although their implied nocturnal activities may be post-watershed
we still have a picture of innocent love. The one thing about a sock is that
each one DOES have a twin so the whole Sheila and Delilah thing makes sense.

[u]2) Two Humans[/u]
Now it gets a little strange. On the one hand you could simply envisage a couple
who enjoy embracing their inner child and might (particularly after a glass or two
of merlot and an exotic smoke) be in the act of love and find themselves unable to
continue due to fits of giggles... and then spending the next hour making each
other laugh with hastily improvised puppets. Until, bizarrely, this actually gets
them in the mood again. I mean, I'm just suggesting a scenario here, obviously I
don't personally know anyone that has found themselves in this situation. Ahem..
Moving hastily along...

A more modern definition of a sock puppet is a person in complete control of
another. This takes us to a pretty dark place... although the MOST modern use of
the term applies it to virtual people that you create online to promote a product
(or yourself of course). So it's like me creating a bunch of Wikiloops accounts and
then constantly logging in as "them" to "like" my stuff so that it trends. So it
could be viewed as desperation or complete narcissism - which actually does
not chime with being embarassed at calling Delilah by Sheila's name.
Like a sociopath would even care.

[u]3) One Human, One Puppet[/u]
Yeah... Now it's just weird. I'm not even going to start to explain how weird.
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Lol oh yes we did thanks to bassMonkey :o
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