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Why doesn't the site make some compilations ?
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lol, I guess "the site" = me :)

If CDs is what you think of when saying "compilations", there has been some discussion about that in the feedback and suggestions board where all the pros and cons have been pointed out.
One day down the road there might be something alike to what you have in mind, but there is many things to do before I can launch a project like selling compilation CDs.
I have produced CDs, and I know how much work it is, and as long as one cannot be sure to sell a hundred copies at a decent price, its a financial desaster. With the many styles active on wikiloops, one could easily make a Rock, Blues, Funk and Reggae compilation, but like I said, thats somewhere in the future.
I'm working on it. Please be patient :)
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I didn't really think of CDs but just things like rock blues funk paylists on a visitor site.(playlists to dowload) maybe :)
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Actually you can make play-lists.. and even publish them in the radio section. Then remains the question who is going to make the picks..
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