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Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking

Lyric #3230 by bassMonkey

Tags: Humour, Death, Supernatural, Boogie Woogie, Internet Trolls - Pretty much a bassMonkey Yahtzee
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It was foggy on the day I was buried,
Sunny on the day that I died,
But dark and boring down in that coffin,
So I thought I'd take peek outside.
Did myself a bit of digging,
Pretty soon I broke the ground,
Hauled myself up into the graveyard,
Had a pretty good look round.

I saw a priest was talkin' to someone,
Thought I'd go and join in the chat,
They both ran away like screaming children,
Brother, how much fun was that?
Figured I'd go whet my whistle,
Made my way on down to the pub,
Most people bolted (few of 'em fainted!),
Figured I could cope with the snub.

I'm a dead man walkin'
That's right people,
A dead man walkin',
I got worms in my ears I got dirt on my feet,
I'm the last person you'd ever wanna meet.

But they sent along a delegation,
Tried to get me back in my grave,
I said find a way to kill the boredom,
Then I might agree to behave.
So they ordered me a brand new iPhone,
Wired the power down to the hole,
Now I spend my days six feet underground,
Being a social media troll.

I'm a dead man typin'
That's right people,
A dead man typin',
I got worms in my ears I got dirt on my feet,
I'm the last person you'd ever wanna tweet.

Dead Man Walking @DMWalking1955 - 1h
Yo' ass look big in that 'cuz you fat, y'here me - FAT!
.... Ha ha ha ha.

Dead Man Walking @DMWalking1955 - 2h
Yo' new job suck and so do you!
.... Ha ha ha ha.

Dead Man Walking @DMWalking1955 - 5h
Shoot! yo' kids be ugly man, plumb U.G.L.Y.
.... Ha ha ha ha.

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Laugh , I nearly died !
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