El Engaño

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Tags: Grifting, Vegas, Veronika Strikes Again
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Sittin' outside of a 'Vegas hotel,
Chillin' out at the bar by the pool,
Lookin' like a rattlesnake ready to strike,
She was waitin' on a guy called "Raúl".
Four grand suit with Raúl inside,
Comes a-moochin' out onto the deck,
She moves her sunglasses down on her nose,
And says something like "fookin' 'eck!"
Because she was from Leeds.
And she was ready to play.

It's not like Raúl was even his name,
But she didn't give a damn about that,
Workin' a long con on a short con grifter,
In a matter of a million flat.
Their mark was a dangerous S-O-B,
But they were just about to get clean away,
They tipped the waitress a U.S. Grant,
She said something like "Have a nice day!"
Because she was from Reno.
And she got paid peanuts.

Raúl woke up in a crappy motel,
About a mile west of the strip,
He heard the cars and the shouts outside,
And then the panic took a grip.
The money was gone and so was his gun,
No sign of his former compadre,
Two bad looking hombres were forcing the door,
He said something like "De Puta Madre!"
Because he was from Juárez.
And this was going to hurt.
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Those familiar with the previous deranged ramblings of the author
may well detect the hand of the notorious Veronika Kool (nee Kühl)
in this sordid episode.


There is some compelling CCTV evidence but forensics are, to say the
least, inconclusive. It should be stated however that anyone having
any information relating to the current whereabouts of Ms Kool should
contact local law-enforcement immediately - do NOT approach
her under any circumstances, she should be considered highly dangerous.

At this moment in time she is being actively sought by the FBI on a range
of fraud and racketeering (RICO) charges, Interpol on similar grounds as
well as a source of information on an unsolved murder in Prague and by the
West Yorkshire Library Service for drawing a "cock-and-balls" in a copy of
"Little Women".

Readers unfamiliar with US currency may not know that Ulysses S. Grant is
the former president depicted on the back of the $50 bill and those new to
the West Yorkshire vernacular should be aware that "fookin' 'eck!" is a
fairly general-purpose exclamation used to convey a range of emotions
including surprise, alarm, disappointment and mild disgust. As a matter
of fact, "De Puta Madre!" does much the same job in the Spanish speaking

El Engaño is pretty flexible too - used here to mean "The deception"
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