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I think it would be nice to be able to search for names of members (and perhaps more like country, instrument etc) and not only tracks
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hey nilton, there is that option: go to the track search page and click on the picture with the subtitle "musician search" thats displayed on the right top of the page - i think that is exactly what you were looking for...
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Apologies for the necro-bump on this, but I wanted to give some feedback. Doing as Dick suggested, and starting (coincidentally) with the letter "D", the first page of results I get looks correct in alphabetical order. Subsequent pages, though, jump all around the alphabet in no obvious order.

I wish it was about 5 years ago - I'd gleefully offer to help with the site as I was a veteran coder. Alas, retirement seems to make one go soft and forget things.
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have a look at the beta version of the new site, i think there is a nice solution to this topic there:

hoping to launch the beta on the .com domain in a few weeks, still waiting for some feedback and checking googles reaction :)
thanks for joining the feedback club anyways, ThatGuy!
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