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Reccomendations Needed

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My daughter is wanting to join Wikiloops. :) She plays piano, keyboard and does some vocals. She has a HP laptop (PC with windows 7) computer for recording and no other devices or software at this time.

Can I please get some suggestions for a simple starter recording and editing setup for her?

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I believe the problem begins with the word "simple"...

audacity is the freeware to get started with, or maybe reaper, but she will need someone to teach her a little something about what shes looking at. Take a simple stereo external soundbox that plugs and plays well via USB, but none of that is a simple "I'll buy it for her to her b-day and shell get along fine" kind of solution... honestly, I wouldnt know if there is such a solution.
Its all about "this is how you import a track from wikiloops into your recording softwares interface"
"this is how you activate the second track below your import to record your audio input"
"this is where you push "export" to create a mixed mp3"...

sounds simple, looks difficult when looking at such a software for the first time. Get her a decent default setup so she doesnt have to do any routing... if its fun, she'll learn :)
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Dick wrote:
I believe the problem begins with the word "simple"...

Thanks, Dick.

I use Ableton Live8 myself because it came with an M-Audio interface that I bought used. The learning curve almost made me give up on it. I have loaded Audacity onto my own laptop since I started this thread and I'm working on an interface (usb adapter) to her keyboard now.

Like you said, I'll have to learn how to import, edit and export and then teach her how to do the same. I'm guessing audacity is as good as any for getting her started. Here's to finding that out for myself. :)
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Simple free Audio Sequencers software also

Kristal Audio Engine

Luna Free

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Energy-XT ([url]http://www.energy-xt.com/index.php[/url]) is also quite cool, and Jorgen (the author) is a really nice guy. You can try a demo for free.
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You guys rock! Thanks again!
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Probably a bit too late but I have heard extremely good things about Reaper, but I haven't tried it as I have only Mac and Ubuntu. It is US$40 but the demo version does not expire so it is basically free.
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Use mixcraft 7 its súper frendly and you can use alot of the features for beggining y use it to récord all my tracs no need for amps just directly to sound card with a pedAl inbetween an thats it use a noise gate vst in case of to much noise
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as a router into your computer, i really think the i rig pro is great....guitar, mic, keys, or midi, plug it in, set the gain, and thats all you need to know.
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