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I'm a new member...Let me introduce myself...

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Hey, I'm from the United States and was referred to wikiloops by a fellow band member. My main instrument is drums (Roland electronic). This site is great. My band has a private page, but I'm looking forward to contributing to other sessions. I figured out (using Audacity) to record my electronic drums and upload, but I'm frusrated trying to figure out how to record my drums over someone else's track? Do I need a splitter of some sort? How do I listen to the other person's track AND record my own over it? Please help! I've read most of the help pages but can't seem to figure it out. Sorry I'm so non-technical.
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Welcome Red!

Hopefully the experienced self-made recording engineers will respond too with their expert advice and opinions as to which programs and techniques work best, but to get started this is a link to Audacity, a free recording and editing computer software


If you are using a Mac, then Garage Band works swell too. That is what we use (I help Felix, who is here with me, when does Wiki Jams).

You will need an interface to connect your electronic drums (or a mic interface, if you prefer to mic your drums) to connect to the Audacity (or other) recording software. Unless you can plug your electronic drums in directly to the USB port? I dunno. But if you do need an interface (most of us do), you can purchase those online or at your local music store. There are a variety to choose from.

Then load the downloaded track you would like to jam to onto the Audacity or other software, and open a fresh track to record simultaneously while you are listening to the original track.

Mix them together, and I would compare your volume to the original track online just to make sure you're in the ball park with the volume level (that's what we do) :) before uploading your new mixed track. Follow the guided instructions, and it will be in a thread with the original track.

Please feel free to ask all the questions you need to.

Very friendly and helpful bunch here!


~Jan in California
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Welcome :)

Like Jan described, if you can already record your drums in audacity, what you will want to do is import a wikiloops mp3 to audacity. You should then choose a routing way to have that file played back on your headphones. You will have to mute the track on which you are recording your drums (they'd propably sound delayed while recording).
Thinking about that, you might have the problem to mix your e-drums "pre" audacity with the played back track "post" audacity to be able to play well, so your setup chain goes basicly like this:

audacity plays loop -> USB Out -> analog mixer for monitoring
e-drums -> analog mixer for monitoring -> USB IN -> muted audacity recording

hope you get the idea by this crude explanation, good luck!
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