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comin back from the holidays... My first CD production...

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... I was quite curious to open the packages delivered while I was away, containing the covers and CDs of my first official release (a sampler of recordings I made at the SufiSoul Festival here in my town last year).

So I look at the covers ... everything like ordered, fine. Then I open one of the stacks of CDs, and yes, the printwork matches the overall design well. While telling my girl about being a little scared to listen (never had anything pressed before...) I continue by inserting the CD into my player ... the display shows eleven tracks, and while I start thinking "hey, that hould have been 15!" in the back of my head, the first seconds of some ellaborate electro / techno kind of thing start playing from my speakers !!!
I was expecting the opening speech of the festival, so I was quite surprised :-)
Bottom line: the fools at the pressing company exchanged the glasmaster (now they clame it was done in their mastering studio) and produced a thousand worthless CDs, which I sent back yesterday. What a great experience fo a first attempt!

Now lets hope they hold the deadline, next festival is in two weeks from now and the sampler shall go on sale there...
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Similiar thing happened to me! We had 8 tracks with samples in between the tracks with were meant to be included on the track before them so track one would be the track with the added sample at the end, but they counted every sample as a separate track. So it caused a bit of a problem on the duke boxes in the local bars!!!
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finally, the right CDs arrived today! Jubilations, jubilations...
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