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Here I am...

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I'm FreezinG117 or Daniel Oliveira if you prefer. I'll be turning 19 years old this year and, as far I know, I'm one of the most young players here and less experienced too.

Musical Stuff:

My first musical experience was flute at school but nothing more than 8 notes... and my father trying to teach me 2 or 3 chords at guitar, I say trying because I didn't want to learn at the time ;).

Later I started playing Guitar (Acoustic) at Spring of 2011: One day after school i looked at my old father's guitar and said to myself, guess i'll try. And a month later of 2-3 hours/day started playing at the local Church (The previous player had broken is arm...), that was I learned different rithms and memorized chords.

In the Summer of the same year (2011) again I saw at my keyboard and: I learned how to play some chords... and started playing Keyboard (Organ) at the local church (old guitar player was back :)).

After that I had a month (and half maybe?) of musical theory (one class per week, so 7 or 8), and learned how to read musical sheet (not sure if it is the right word) and some scales (Major/Minor...) nothing to advanced. And due to some problems with my teacher (not my fault ^.^) I had to leave the classes.

And I still had a lot of instruments laying around my house which I didn't knew how to play (and some I still don't, like Acordeon, Concertina and "Cavaquinho" - similar to Ukelele).

Then I learned Bass at Summer of 2012, and Winter 2012 learned to play Bandolim (Mandolin) and a few time later at December 2012 started playing it at one small orchestra.

And continued playing until now...

And after all that it means -> "I don't really know how to play but I have fun with it..."

I'm sorry for bad English :D
(If you even read it all... it was more that I thought it would be)
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Welcome Daniel! Well Wikiloops is definitely the place to have fun jamming with any one of those many instruments that you can play! Have fun creating your own parts and sharing your own unique talent! That is what Wikiloops is all about.

And your English is just fine. ;)


~Jan in California, USA
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Hi Daniel, I'm also new, have fun jamming :D
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