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440hz conspiracy anyone?

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i stumbled across this on the web...


anyone willing to share an opinion? the sound example is a heavily polished mastering job, but the theory by itself is maybe worth thinking about for a minute... whatcha think?
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Dick, thank you for this hint/information!
I've not been conscious of that - but that is very coherent with my own research of what is going on in the world right now. That there are forces with a hidden negative agenda, is much more than a theory. Look around! But I did not think of our tuning A.
Very probably the article is correct.
Look at that comparison 440/432 Hertz in a more Rock context. See if you can sense a difference. I am not sure:

I will further do research with my instruments for sure.
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I'm very sceptical to say the very least..
For the following reasons:

IF (and already that is doubtful) there is a fundamental frequency of the universe that would be a VERY low one. Almost any frequence in the audible range would be an integer multiple of this and thus have a harmonic relationship with this fundamental.

The tuning itself (natural, pure, well tempered) has a much greater impact on listening experience than the tuning note.

Pitch is perceived in the first abstraction level by neurons specialized in certain frequencies (that means everybody can have perfect pitch with proper training...). That these neurons are tuned to some fundamantal of the universe seems very far fetched to me.

I Do have an explanation of what happens in the video. Repeating the same loops with a different pitch is in fact a modulation (change of key within a song), and a very unharmonical in this place wich perfectly explains the unspleasant sensation you feel directly after the change. At lest my ears/brain/mind adapted within a few moments to the new tonic center.

Some recoomended reading: "This is your brain on music - understanding a human obsession" by Daniel Levitin. isbn: 978-1-84354-716-7
Pure fingerstyle
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Interesting! I think, your thoughts do not really collide with the thesis, let me try to show you why:

nilton wrote:
The tuning itself (natural, pure, well tempered) has a much greater impact on listening experience than the tuning note.

-> You are right, but I believe this is not about listening experience (if it was this simple, 440Hz would have not been established - the effect is not "audible" in that sense)

nilton wrote:
That these neurons are tuned to some fundamantal of the universe seems very far fetched to me.

-> again, theres no doubt your neurons can perceive any frequency in the audible spectrum, and neurons basicly dont care :) . Its not about the "what my ear likes better" aspect, its more about "what will long time exposure to certain frequencies do to my state of mind?".

I do not believe anyone will be able to "feel" much of a difference in the A / B listening examples, and like I said in my first post, I'd even say they did some mastering tricks to make the sound examples support the thesis (which is not a trust-creating thing to do, point given).

On the other hand, the idea that the whole planet is in motion and nature is full of frequencies and cyclyc development (night day/ tides, seasons, whatever) does make sense, and to me, there has always been the question wether there is a calculable harmony in that, wich might be transponded to the audible spectrum.
I have never done any of this myself, but to me as an outsider, theres only two possible outcomes:
Either, natures frequencies transposed to the sound spectrum will create a kind of white noise ( so basicly, there is no harmonic structure ) or
there is some kind of harmonic structure that can be patterned.
If there is, it would be highly interesting to check if it does match our idea of harmony - and if there is any Hz value close to 440Hz.
I wont guess what the result might be, all I want to add is that all fiddling on natural harmony (like the tempered tuning to name just one) will most likely result in some losses (every violin player who has to play along with a tempered piano will say that, too).
If you believe in music as a means of communication from heart to heart, you may not believe the "few" Hz difference will go unnoticed.
If you happen to be a religious or spiritual person believing in some sort of "higher harmony" thats out there (avoiding the term God here), you might as well be interested not to interfere with that - so, besides the technical or biological aspects of hearing, there are a few other fields in wich the thesis might be worth consideration.
I dont really give too much about the conspiracy part of the idea, I just think its interesting to think about for a moment or two.

hope thats not too far out now, lets be tolerant please :)
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