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Guys, musician, community... i got this idea pop-up in my head few minutes ago...

Why we don't create a Sound Cloud account and put there the good Jam-songs of wikiloops there...?

Maybe we can get fans over there :)
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Hey MrLoops,
I dont know if you have read SCs small print on copyrights, neither do I know if you have read the wikiloops terms of use and the rigts granted by your fellow musicians here on the loops...
IMO, "private use" does not cover uploading content to third party plattforms - SC is a business, not a private party.
By sharing the best tracks on SC, you basicly send a message of "why would I want to check out wikiloops - the good stuff is on SC!", wich is not really supportive of wikiloops, if you know what I mean.
As the webmaster, I do rely on the little income there is by adds on wikiloops and on donations by your fellow members to cover the server costs (just got a mail by my provider today that storage limit is exceeded once more today...meaning more costs to come...)
So, bottom line, you may do us all a favor and tell people about the good stuff on wikiloops, you may as well create a playlist on wikiloops and set it to public to let people have an easy overview of some great stuff on wikiloops, you may spread the word, share links, write forum posts inviting people, do whatever pleases you and attracts attention.
Giving away our crown jewels to some other platform is something I dont really find supportive - if you still feel its the way to go, please get the OKs of those participating in the jams you share prior to doing it, for this is not covered by the agreement (public license) people agreed upon by using WL.
No offense taken, just my ,02 cent since you asked :)
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Maybe a little off topic. But i have thought about this for some time, what about non-original music e.g covers. I feel that there is very little space for that here on wikiloops
Pure fingerstyle
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Dick i know exaclty what you mean and i totally agrre with that !!!! i've meant if everybody is agree we can put good songs on it and get for donation of Wiki ;)
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"Wikiloops The Album"???
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