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downloading with a mac

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Hi all you WIKIS

I am new to WIKILOOPS and can hardly believe what a wonderful thing this is.
Up until I have only been listening to the great jams,but slowly but surely
I am finding the courage to maybe sing along.
I have the problem that I can not download ,Dick sent me a suggestion (thanks again Dick)
but I still does not work. are there any Mac users that can help me .

Thanks huntemann
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hi mate!!you can contact phil atkinson on facebook at the following link https://www.facebook.com/PhilAkie?fref=ts phils been a good mate of mine for more than 30yrs.i am sure he will help you with your mac problem.tell him dave burke sent you.any more probs contact me here,i'm sure we can sort it out.cheers davebee
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My favorite browser is chrome, but Firefox works the same way.

1. Click on the button that downloads the MP3 - Chrome or Firefox will download the mp3 and store it in its default directory.
2. Click on the menu downloads button or click on the download in the bottom taskbar.
3. Click on the MP3 that you've downloaded so that iTunes plays it.
4. Open Garageband -click on the icon on the far right of the menu bar - this is the media import button.
5. Select iTunes recently played.
6. Find the MP3 you want in the list and drag and drop it onto a Garageband track.
7. Create a new track - and start recording your performance!
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To add to pgpete,

in Safari: Click on the download button and you'll get a pop up screen..on that pop up screen you should see another button that says "Download .mp3 file" When you click it, it automatically downloads it to your computer. In safari you can go to your right upper corner of the browser and you should see 3 quares. From Right to Left: 'a double square' sign, One square sign with arrow upwards and last a circle with an arrow down. Click on that last one. You'll get a list of all your downloads. On the right of each download you see a magnifying glass. click on it and it will bring you to the folder where the file is in.

Depending on your settings (my settings open downloaded files from wiki instantly in iTunes) everything else is the same as pgpete stated from point 3.

Please let us know if you managed.. or if you need additional help.

Good Luck :)
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In addition to myself....

Always make a back up first!

First make sure you are using the latest safari.

Add blockers or/and plugins might 'cause the issue too.
Try to disable all of them in safari preferences and see if that works.. (after disabling them restart browser)

If that doesn't help then you may try this too:

Open the Finder from the Finder menu bar.
Click Go > Go to Folder

Type or copy / paste: ~/Library/Safari

Click Go then move the Downloads.plist file from the Safari folder to the Trash.

Restart Safari....

If that doesn't help then please let me know in thread... I try to see if I can come up with more solutions.
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"You'll Stumble In My Footsteps" - Depeche Mode
"I always listen to what people are not saying"
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