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Jamming is my middle name...

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Hi, I'm happy to say I was introduced to WikiLoops through a wonderful singer whom I met at iCompositions, Anne Cozean. I have been at iCompositions off and on since 2006, something I give credit for resurrecting my love of singing. I sang jazz professionally for a while, lost my voice from the smoke-filled clubs and late nights, and found out I loved singing opera during my recuperation. But, the opera world had more backstabbing and pettiness in it than the jazz world so I eventually just gave up on playing with others and got a straight job. That almost killed me but it did lead to early retirement and a chance to get back into music on my own terms. Until I found iCompositions, I didn't like most of the places to share music online. Now, I have fun with music and have collaborated and experimented my heart out with people from all over the planet and it's fun to find a new place to pay, one where jamming is at the center of it all. (I would love to find out how many iCompers are here at WikiLoops - please say hello if you are one!)

The one thing I miss at iComp is the freeform jamming I used to be able to do as a jazz musician. Here that is just part of the basic experience so I feel right at home here. I'm very glad to have found this little oasis in the middle of the desert which is the music industry. ;)

I've already made myself at home by joining in on a few jams I've come across and have enjoyed it immensely. It will only continue!

My main instrument is my mind - but the one which people hear most is my voice. I am a classically trained lyric soprano and an experienced jazz vocalist who loves something in every form of music there is. I've studied piano, Chinese instruments like the Erhu and the Pipa, violin, french horn (first chair back in the day!), congas, and vibes. I almost finished a college degree in music theory and performance but life got in the way. ;) I like to improvise in every genre, including classical music. I used to be in a thing called Ovary Action, a subgroup of the Composers' Cafeteria, for anyone who remembers that. A bunch of trained classical musicians and singers who would perform each other's compositions in public - Ovary Action was the all-women's component and we also performed live improvisational classical music.

Mostly I just like heart-felt music done in any genre. I will try almost anything and love a challenge. Collaboration floats my boat and improvisation provides me with the sails. Looking forward to many lovely moments ahead here at WikiLoops. There's nothing I love more than other people who love music as much as I do.

Carla J. Patterson [url]http://www.icompositions.com/artists/carlajpatterson[/url]
aka Carla Cryptic [url]http://www.flickr.com/photos/carlacryptic[/url]
(I make art and Carla Cryptic is my mail art pseudonym)
Carla J. Patterson
aka Carla Cryptic
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hey carla!
even tho I greeted you before, thanks for making this nice introduction here and sharing some backround! I guess the other folks have been too busy to notice your post, wiki forum is a little slow sometimes... i guess its the lack of sound here :)

really am looking forward to hearing more of your voice, hope I'll find time to join the active ranks again myself!

all the best and have fun on wikiloops
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Thanks, Dick!

I see i'm just as bad - I never came back to see if anyone responded!

I think you're right - we musician types just respond if there is sound. ;)

Thanks again for the welcome - I am loving it here.

Carla J. Patterson
aka Carla Cryptic
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