Am I in?

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Oops, too many ways to take that. First week here and feel so welcome already. Hopefully not wearing out my welcome with too many tracks.

I'm an old amateur woodwind player (67) who plays the occasional gig. I came from a musical family with my dad being a keyboard pro in the 1920s-30s in New York. I left the USA 33 years ago for greener pastures in New Zealand and Australia. Love it here, but live in fairly rural areas, so don't have a big range of music and talent to play with.

My sincere thanks to Lutz for suggesting trying this site. I've landed in musical heaven! Now surrounded by all this wonderful talent any time I log in.

First loves are Classical and Jazz, but I love exploring ethnic music and seek out all music that has integrity.

Will try to keep my exuberance in check and not stomp all over these wonderful tracks, but am open to being told to calm down, or any constructive criticism.


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I know I'm late to replying to your post, but I just wanted to say don't ever think you're posting "too many tracks". Even if they're bad, you're not restricted in any way. No one will get annoyed. Have fun! Play music!
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I so agree :)
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