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Wikiloopers join to the Eurovision Song Contest!

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Ok! Here are the facts:
You cannot win anything without the best team! I want to be a teamplayer.

We can get a wildcard. All the world will know "Wikiloop".

We need a video on youtube. So we need:

1. A positive, strong Songidea.
2. A songtext with a good refrain.
3a. A producer for the final half playback. Someone like Oli.
3b. International "Studio"-musicians like... :-)
4. A winning singer who likes to be on stage to represent Germany.
5. The best backing voices possible.

I suggest, we name the bandproject "The Wikiloopers".

And what happens, if we earn money? 50% for the wikiloops-project. 50% for the musicians, composers, people who join in. Equal parts for all. No matter about anything.

Please start discussion. Better we start to work. Some weeks are left.

see this link to hear other musicians:
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Hey there Nickboy :) Nice initiative there!
I believe to win supporters for your idea, i might be good to explain a little about this contest - more than 50% of the wikiloops community does no live in Europe, so they might not have an idea what this is about.
I have some doubts about the chances of a wikiloops contribution being regarded for this highly commercial tv-contest (its broadcasted all over europe), and personally, I would not like to do a playback thing on any stage.
Still, of course it would be nice to ge some recognition for wikiloops, but to get known with "real" musicians, I dont think the eurovision is the best of places to go (i IS pretty controvercial and has a stench of POP to me...).
A friend of mine & professional musician took part in the "little brother" of this contest last year (BundesVisionSongContest), and it ended up a pretty costly adventure with no gain a all, so thats why I'm a bit sceptical.
Looking forward to more input & good luck :)
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Hi Dick!
Thanks for your wishes.

The ESC is not a "bad" contest like other tv-events.
Please follow my link given above. Listen to other musicians. Please listen to "Ullis Gang" on Youtube with their last song!

We got to "beat" this performance! This is very, very, very hard.

Wikiloops is your idea. And an international team of Wikiloopers who participate in an european contest... I never found an place with so good musicians like wikiloops. We all know how difficult it is to organize a winning team.

On ARD-Text on television you find an explanation too, about the change to win a wildcart for the "Pre-Contest".
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