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Hi guys

i decided to post this here BEFORE uploading a whole bunch of ''jam starters'' i've written over the last year or so.

the reason for this post is mainly to avoid having to repeat myself on every one of them !

basically all i want to say is that if any of you finds one of them interesting enough to want to join in & say….replace my drum machine w/ a REAL drum track, or my crappy ''soloing'' by your own, i'll be MORE THAN HAPPY to either send you the individual tracks so you can do it or take my upload down & then just upload whatever's necessary for you to be able to upload your thing

the problem is that when i recorded them, it was done as a way of ''writing down ideas'' to later develop w/ the guys i jam with but not necessarily to provide a means to sync with other recordings/tracks done by someone else - between that & my ignorance = absence of click track on the bass's ''count-in empty space'' so to speak ! :-b

this no doubt will make it more difficult to add a drum track for example & syncing the whole thing together - any GarageBand 6.0.5 users out there with some tips ?

big hug to all, this is a fantastic tribe to be part off


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