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Hi from jmrukkers

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Dear WikiLooooopers

Introductions are in order I understand - so here goes. My name is Joe, I was born in Holland, and have been living in Switzerland now for some 23 years. I started my musical career with the recorder when I was 6 years old - all part of the initial suffering one has to go through if one wants to be a musician :-) Not much later my parents acquired a piano, and I spent a few years learning the basics. I got interested in the acoustic guitar, and moved on to the electric one shortly after. Played in a band in college, party-stuff, good times.

Things slowed down on the musical front after that, until, a few years ago, I found myself with a bit more time on my hands, and got interested in the saxophone, playing and fixing old ones was a big fascination for me for quite a while. I also got a bit more serious about playing the bass, and I joined '[url=http://www.thecase.ch]The Case[/url]' a few years ago as their regular bass player.

Lately I find myself in a 'Back to the roots' mood, and have become more and more interested in the blues from the 1920s and -30s. This lead to me getting a cigar box guitar recently, and working with its limited but no less powerful palette.

I actually stumbled upon WIkiloops when looking for delta blues drum tracks, well here I am - I think the website is a fantastic treasure trove. There is so much inspiration to be found here, and the 'Just get creative and do it' approach taken here is like a fresh breath of air. Thus, I'd like to express a big 'Thank You' to all of you that make Wikiloops what it is today, and I hope to be able to participate in many a jam here.

Regards - Joe
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Hi jmrukkers

a day late & i think we already ''crossed paths'' here on Wiki but here it goes just the same : welcome to the WikiTribe, from what you wrote i think you will fit right in & have a merry good time.

regards from down south :)

plenty of time to rest when i'm dead...
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hi and welcome onboard jmrukkers ! enjoy the ride and have lots of fun jamming along ;)
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