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I have a question,

Track # 15086 with Slimdaver, myself and Juan Luis sounds pretty frikkin awesome, but I know I could make it better with some remixing to bring up the vocals, a bit of pitch correction and bring down the drums. How would I be able to get the solo tracks individually so I can bring them into my DAW (Logic Pro X) and remix it? Would it be good form to get the blessing from these guys first before embarking on this project? Like I said, its an awesome song among many other awesome songs and Slimdaver could release an album online and make some money, IMHO (hopefully with our credits on it!)
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hey there,

wikiloops offers to attach the single high quality files after you upload the mp3, but if the guys did not do that, you would have to ask for the high quality music by personal Message.
I second your opinion on slims music btw :)
"Sorry - had to do it!" - Les Claypool

yes, you are looking at the administrators signature.
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I've heard we can upload HD files on our own now. Is that true, or do we still need to contact you? I did try to post something in HD by dragging two files into the box, and although after I finished the process, and the mixed file said HD after the upload, it was not successful. Any thoughts on this, thanks in advance !
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Hi Psycho, you can upload a HD version of your part after you uploaded the 'normal' mixed mp3, a special HD upload box appears when the normal upload is finished.
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Well, I tried and had no luck with the HD box showing up. I've tried different browsers and all the upload links I can find. I'm simply not seeing something?
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