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Recording and mixing tips.. for vocals, ac. guitars and brasses ;)

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Wikiloops has the power to inspire the home-musician to learn something new... Besides the improving playing skills and art of inter-istrument communication, most of all feel the need to have a great sound on our recordings...

Before I found you all, I did not use to record my music often... I just have kept ideas for future work, dont knowing when I will work on it...

However, the cooperation on remixes needed some portion of recording skills... After many years I started to use my old dynamic mics, which I soon found insufficient in many occasions...

2 days ago I was recording a [url=http://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-16702.php]country theme with my guitalele[/url] and I wanted to sound it nice... I was trying to do it as good as I could, though I did some mistakes... I placed a mic exactly opposite soundhole... tried some "magic" with EQ, compression and reverb... and 2 days after I hear, that I should not did many of those things...

So I started to seek information on microphone placing, recording levels, equalisation etc...

As I consider many of information found on different websites interesting for all of us, I decided to start this new thread of interesting recommendations, settings, tips, hints, tutorials, etc...











If you will find interesting tips and info on recording and mixing, feel free to share it with us... :)
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valuable info in there ;)
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