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new issue for new jams

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I have an idea for that... the new uploaded jams are more and more in one day...sometimes no overview of all....

If we have a new external site with overview in a listing of the last 6 hours...last 12 hours or last day or more would be a fine overview....I know this is hard to code (perhabs realizable in language php or python or ajax javascript). But the result would be more better in overwiew of all last jams ...see the example screenshot what I mean..

is only an idea for future..or something in this way

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sorry for taking some time with a reply!

I see what you are aiming at, but to be honest, I think it would only be a question of time untill such a display would need change again...

lets face it, ordering by "date" does just that: bringing 15.000+ tracks in a certain order, it will still be 15.000 tracks, none less.

If you offer one entry point ("now" - the very latest on top of the list) or more than one like the "12 hours" entry point you suggest, all it will show is the tracks that were the very latest, twelve hours ago - so the result is identical with page 2 or three of the first list, depending on how many uploads there were.

I really feel having one list and being able to flip down the search results like one can is most comprehensive, having multiple entry points to this list might cause more confusion than insight.

One wikiloops feature outside the search results which I really like when checking the latest uploads are those two small arrows next to the search box - you can just use the "down arrow" and navigate down the track ids with it, most convenient to me, but not discovered by too many I believe :)

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