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Member Get-Together 29th May -1.June 2014

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It is confirmed:

we will have ourself a wikiend of live jamming on the western border of Germany:

from Thursday, 29th May 2014 to Sunday, 1st of June

we will be meeting in a small village called

Urft ([url=https://www.google.de/maps/place/Urft/@50.5087923,6.5780883,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x47bf754b38e5d6d5:0xa2760fee1ebf2e0]google maps[/url]), about 60km west of Cologne, Germany.

The place is a youth hostel, which is across the road the train station Urft / Steinfeld, on the well used Cologne-Trier railroad.

Interested people who would like to spend a night can do so at the youth hostel for either
18,- € a night (no meals)

It would be nice if you would give notice here if you plan to come. If any help is needed as far as getting here is concerned, feel free to contact me.

Also, it would be cool if you could try to form communities when driving down, and we should talk about who brings what as far as instruments and amps will be needed.

So far, we'll have a medium PA + good mixer + microphones, a drumset, a piano (thats in the hostel, I didnt check the tuning), upright Bass and my Alto-Sax at hand.

I am looking forward to this! Who is in?

*********** Added on 28th April: *****************
Well, I am very happy so many people are coming! Now we need to get organized a little bit, so I can prepare things and communicate with the hostel.

1st: Catering
Some members are planning to have a cooking session in the self-caterer kitchen that is available,
there is a take-away place offering pizza and the usual mix of turkish / german foods in walking distance, the next supermarket is a 10min drive away, and the hostel has a barbeque place.
Those opting for the self catering should open a thread for organizing that, I'd suggest.

2nd: Drinks
Drinks will be available but must be paid seperately from the hostel cost. Since this is not a commercial event, bringing your own is absolutely fine as well.

3rd: Beds / Day-Visitors
I need to keep an overview how many beds to book for each of the nights, and a rough count how many people will be present to plan the beverages needed.
If you plan to visit without sleeping at the hostel, it would be nice if you'd be willing to make a small donation on entry to help fund the facilities.

How to go ahead:
If you plan to come, please enter your wikiloops username in the doodle calendar that suits your plans. I will reserve the beds for the whole group, so the hostel does not bother with individual requests - you will have to pay the hostel cost on arrival if you are spending the night.
Entering info into the doodle calendar does not require any registration or email - just give your user nickname.

- [url=http://doodle.com/gkrk4hdrpatubp6p]day visitors calendar[/url]

- [url=http://doodle.com/cn8zunzer9dienf3]hostel bed + self catering booking

4th: Transfer

I have prepared two more calendars for those coming in via Colgne / Bonn airport, so we can keep an overview and people can travel on together or be picked up at the airport. Please enter your arrival and departure times in the lists here:

- [url=http://doodle.com/rvixdi85gkz4ma5f]Cologne / Bonn arrival schedule[/url]

- [url=http://doodle.com/ru8645wy6wbb5k2y]Cologne / Bonn departure schedule[/url]

If help is needed organizing inner-German travel, contact me by PM! There are several tricks to save money, especially with the railways, so dont hesitate to ask.

5th: What to bring along?
As common in youth hostels, you should bring your own bedsheets if possible. Alternatively, a set of sheets may be rented for an extra fee from the hostel.

*** edited on May 5th: ****

Removed the "hostel + catering" booking option since all who entered the calendar so far are going for the self-cooking option!

If you have not entered your name to the calendar to book yourself a bed, please do so before may 15th, so I can make the final arrangements with the hostel!
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count me definitely in !
i can bring an acoustic and possibly an electric + some kind of pedalboard ... no amp to expect from me !
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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the room to jam

youth hostel stylee rooms - other accomodation can be ckecked out, in case you are affraid of hights...
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Count me in as well, I'll try and bring a bass amp, some modeling pedals, at least one bass, and (if it all fits in the car) a clonewheel organ.

Joe (jmrukkers)
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I'll give you an update on the Bassamp, might be someone living close by could offer his AER, too :)
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you're darn tootin i'm in! depends how i get there but if flying it'll have to be electro acoustic no amp
but if train maybe solid and amp depending on transfers etc. i.ll keep you informed.
my amp is all valve seymour duncan old school single 12" cone sounds lovley. but sooooo heavy.
cant wait!!!!!!:D

ps you are truly a man among men dick! amazing.
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Well, you know I'll be there.
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This sounds great! Too bad I am in the U.S.A. Have fun...Someone should take a video so the rest of us can check it out!
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This is when it really sucks that there is no transporter yet (as in Star Trek). It's a long way from California to Germany! You guys have a great time, won't you? I will be there in spirit.
Carla J. Patterson
aka Carla Cryptic
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What a great idea Dick,

I'm very sorry for being unable to attend, I will have visitors at home this weekend, I hope to be on another wikiloops event. I hope that everything goes well have fun and good jam's.

like glennp says "take a video so the rest of us can check it out!
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..will do all I can, to be there... :D:D:D:D
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Sounds wunderbar! :D But.... I'm a working man, musicteacher, and won't get it into my schedule! :( Play some crazy tones for me, please!

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I can't give a quick answer as to whether I can attend - will let you know soon. Great idea!!!!!!
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Idea is amazing thing! 29 is my birthday! - for me hard - then I will start a party by me at home with other friends...It's difficult to figure out whether I will arrive the live jamming a day after.
I will see...and it could be a great weekend I think :)
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I will be there,komme was da wolle
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I would love be a participant. I'm in the USA, but count me in next year!! What an opportunity to meet all of you! I will be there in spirit!
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Already got tickets to Disney with the family but I hope to listen to some jam session recordings.
Be safe and Enjoy everyone
and don't forget to hit the Record button.
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sounds like fun but still getting settled in new home everyone who attends enjoy and play some killer stuff.
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I will try to attend. One month is a little short time to plan, but i will try to do what i can. I can bring the AFX2 in that case
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What a nice idea! It´s a pity, but on this weekend there´s a triathlon-event in "Vierlanden" with my sports club. I´ll think of you and your music while fighting for seconds on the bike.
I´m sure you´ll have a great Wikiend and hope you´ll make a small vid of this event!
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