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Let us talk about "Urheberrecht"/Copyright

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Hello folks!

Wikiloops is the best party I ever visited. Because of this, here is my plea: Do not upload a remix or an adaptation of a given wikiloops-song as your own template!

If you like a song, that is okay. Look for a place in an existing remix or start a new remix.

It is not about "I don't want to earn money with your song". Me, I do not want to earn money with the songs of Leonard Cohen. But it is really fun to play his tunes. But I have no right to upload them.

I have written some nice adaptations of songs of Bob Dylan. I changed everything but not the lyrics... these are not my songs, I am not a Co-Author of him. I am not allowed to upload these adaptations.

Of course, you can take a song of someone and play it in a bar. No one will ever know? Of course you can uplaod a song protected by german or international law, call it "Little Wing" or "House of the rising sun" or "Stormy Monday Blues", even on a other spot in the net. Personally I want to avoid this.

This could be a long topic. Wikiloops is kind of a paradise compared to other internet places. This is a kind of wonder. To my opinion, the main reason is that we all love music and we all are active musicians and we all show up with our fingertips.

Let us show this respect to every composition! Be fair to your friends.

Best wishes
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Hey Nero :)
I must admit, I'm not absolutely sure what you are saying here - maybe some things got a little confusing when translating your thought to english -

You write:
Do not upload a remix or an adaptation of a given wikiloops-song as your own template!
what I understand: I should not take one of maybe Olis wikiloops tracks and re-upload it, saying it was my track. I don't think this happened here often, we have some misplaced-remixes sometimes, but very little to none of that.

Look for a place in an existing remix or start a new remix.
could you please rephrase that? Are you trying to say: "attach it to the correct remix tree, or upload it as a template"? then thats contradicting what you said before...

I'm sorry, I'm not sure I get your main message. It would propably be wise to give us a hint wether you
- want to discuss legal copyright issues (like the title implies) or
- would like to share your personal appreciation and respectfull regard of other musicians work
that are two entirely diffrent things to talk about, and mixing both is a bit dangerous.
"you can take any song and play it in a bar" is incorrect, if we are talking law, "be fair to your friends" is something I'd support, but it's not really a copyright specific thing :)

As Admin of wikiloops, I would like to add that
uploading musical material that was not composed and recorded by yourself (and other wikiloops members if you are creating a remix) is against the wikiloops rules, and you will have to take the legal responsibility if you break these rules.
If you have ever uploaded a track, you must have confirmed your knowledge of this rule by checking the checkbox in the fat red outline, so I assume you are aware of this.
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well I collaborated with Carlajp on the TRADITIONAL version of House of the rising sun - we did not compose that song but it is NOT in copyright so I don't know what your thoughts are on that. I see many no longer copyrighted songs appear on wikiloops - the 'standards' as it where and feel that that should not be a problem given that your uploading of them does not infringe on anyones rights - however songs like Little Wing, Alright Now etc are most definately copyright protected and should not be uploaded.
Point of interest: while our (me and Carlajp)'s version of 'House of the rising sun' does not infringe copyright, given that it uses a different chord structure (loosely based on Josh Whites interpretation) and that the melody is from the 17th century ballad Matty Groves , the Aminor chord arpeggio played by Hilton Valentine of The Animals 50 years ago (is there anybody who doesn't know that signature progression???) IS STILL copyrighted, albeit disputed.
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Hi Dick,

what I wanted to stress out: We are not allowed to upload musical adaptations ("musikalische Bearbeitungen") of compositions outside the given Wikiloops-licence. It does not matter if the componist is a member of Wikiloops or is an famous artist or songwriter.

This means, like you have clearified for good, we do not publish a song of OlivBee or Tu or someone else outside the given tree/branch. So the name of the composer is automatically visible.

Of course, copyright-violations are really very, very seldom. And with a little discussion/remembering what we are doing this will stay a clean place easily. I know for sure that all violations are not evil-minded.

We all take inspirations by listening, but I repeat my plea: Do not forget the copyright/"Urheberrecht" of songs you hear the first time on Wikiloops. The wikiloops-licence does not include the right of an adaptation/replay outside the branch.

We must trust each other when we share or spent our ideas public - sharing ideas is the main fun on this great site.
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