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Hello from Australia too

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What a great project - big thanks to Dick for a wonderful site.

I only picked up my music again six months ago, after a 16 year break. Have been looking locally for musicians to jam with - and wham bam, here are 10,000 of them!

I started playing guitar in the late eighties to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. I then joined a Death Metal band as lead guitar for 7 years.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkKUrBRsHcw&t=4m23s]A guitar solo from me back in 1995[/url]

I enjoy listening to Nine Inch Nails, Tool, The Mars Volta and Deftones.

I am an aspiring Jazz guitarist and bassist since I picked up the bass in early 2014.
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Welcome !!!
Have fun !
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Welcome Wolffy_au :)
Either side of a bad note is a good note.
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