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videos to go with wiki songs

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Hello friends, just to let you know that I have started a collection of videos to go with some of the tracks that I have been involved with. Would be real nice if you had a look and tell me what you think. Shi
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Magnificent. You must become a director.;)
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Great flying camera!
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Hi Shi, these are very nice, and all capture a certain mood that goes well with the music.

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Hello Shi, this ist realy great stuff! Thank you for sharing. I like it so much. :)
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Great stuff shi-bee.I just made you an honorary member of the bee family,
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I especially liked "I could be anything", visually its pretty Awesome.

Real nice job Shi :D
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Hi wiki friends and thanks so much for taking the time to have a look and leaving comments here. I appreciate it. I hope to add more videos as I go along. sending greetings Shi :)
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loved them! keep it up.
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wow ! daaaaaaaaveeee !! i like that alot !!! (and i second the honorary membership soooo much)

nice collection there Shi :) isn't "gimme the money" missing ?
can't wait to see how good your next clip will be :) ... you're obviously on a progressing curve which is dramatically accelerating ! my fav so far is "Enough for me" but that's a personal thing ... and again there's still no clip for "Evening sunshine" ôÔ

keep doing the amazing stuff you're doing ! (pretty please)
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Great work on the videos! Your singing and lyrics are so expressive. Some great playing on these tracks too. Please make more :)
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Very nice Shi,

The video captured my attention.
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Great job on the videos like them a lot you really put some time and talent into these
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Very nice videos!
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video for track #119887 Needs bass and maybe something else in a horn or keys
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Hmm the link is not working for me...
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Love the multiple exposures effect happening! Not to mention the song is great, emotive and powerful! Cool stuff, sir!
Love and blessings to you on your path!
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Hi Shi. I was gonna ask why aren't you on any of the videos? Then I thought that I used to make videos to my songs, because I feel so uncomfortable in front of a camera...are you the same?!! But you have an amazing voice and I'm pleased that you're covering all options, audio and visual. I think you deserve recognition, have you tried uploading your audios to BBC Radio's 'Introducing' 😘
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GemmyF wrote:
video for track #119887 Needs bass and maybe something else in a horn or keys

Ahhhh Jim...soooooo that's what it's like when you've been on dem mushrooms!!! 😜
....oh yeah, and you hijacked Shi's thread!
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Aquarians do it better! ;)
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revived it! Stell----was trying to find the other videos post but couldn't!:Y
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