The Troubadour Saga

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Last year, after being on wikiloops just a month as contributing member, I heard a most beautiful song done by (who else could it be??) Olivbee and Shi #8691 and added some (what I thought was) subtle guitar to create #11687 "Troubadour Rising" which I posted and then, as it was very late, I went to bed.
I woke up the next morning to find that MrAdamOnDrums had added drums to the original #8691 and I leaped at the chance to grab my trusty guitar and pick my favourite sound and 'let loose' as I call it - some call it 'freaking' - and posted it as #11701 "The Troubadour & the Long-hairs".
I've just finished making two 'films' as I call them - actually slide-shows - for YouTube telling the story (a two part one) that floats unhindered through my mind on hearing both tracks:
The first is more of a building on the narrative as sung by Shi and I tried to tell the story through photos I found on the internet and really really tried to get the "face etched in stone" photo in the correct place:

In the second I found myself once more identifying with the Troubadour as being me and about my Troubadour days (and great they were!!) and so interspersed photos of myself in the clip representing that long period of my life:

Please watch the clips right to the end in order to see the credits.
My thanks go out to Olivbee, Shi & MrAdamOnDrums for giving me the vehicle on which to elaborate and my huge thanks go to Dick and his for giving me - no not just me - all of us the platform on which we can create - expand - recreate - and explore
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Cool videos Ian. Nice guitar work as well...Great track from all involved.
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My breath stopped. It is fascinating.
Once in a life span is dying. I hope not because there is no beer. RIP Malcolm Young!
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cool clips Ian ! :)
glad you had this much fun ! ;)
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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real nice ! :)
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thanks people!!
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