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Greetings & Help Please

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Hello everyone I am MM3 ,I play guitar primarily , I hail in Oregon ,USA... have really been enjoying this website....sadly though I am not competent enough to figure out how to record using the tools that I have. If anyone is tech savvy and willing to perhaps give it a shot in helping me be able to record / post recordings etc... it would be greatly appreciated . If not that's ok too ...I'll just keep banging my head against my computer desk while reading everything google has to offer on the subject ,,,lol .:)
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I think the simplest approach is using audacity. Its free and simple to use although a bit limited. What you need in addition to that is some sound input device. That can be a microphone connected to your soundcard or a dedicated guitar processor. I advise against connecting your guitar directly to a soundcard that does not have a high-Z input because of the impedance mismatch.

Install audacity and get you soundcard working with it. A quick way to verify this is to make a recording just a few seconds long. Once you got this right you are good to go.

Download a track from wikilops you want to add to. Once downloaded open it in audacity. You can do this by either right clicking on the downloaded file and select "open with.." or you start audacity and select File/import/audio.

Once the downloaded file is opened in audacity you can start to record. Just hit the record button and noodle along...

When finished select file/export/mp3 and save your mix to a mp 3 file. This is the file you upload to wikiloops.

I hope this helps to get you started.
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Thanks nilton ,

I think I should have described my problem in better detail . In my frustrated haste to figure it out my post was incomplete .My apologies.

Here is what I'm working with.
I have both Audacity & Reaper.
I have a Behringer xenyx x1622usb interface/ mixer.
I have a phenom 2 X4 3.0ghz cpu 8g ram , no soundcard (onboard only) Windows 7 ultimate
Asio4all drivers ( current)
My problem is this ...

I cant hear a MP3 playback and my guitar at the same time . Consequently it makes it very hard to try and do a remix . I can confirm that when I arm the track that I do get signal from my guitar ....however I cant hear the MP3 that I want to remix . I'm a bit more familiar with Reaper than Audacity...that said I'm quite the noob with recording software. I'm tearing my hair out over this sadly ...lol. I figure it's some sort of input output setting , I've been reading for days clicking things and no luck. Anyways I hope this better illustrates my problem ...perhaps someone is familiar with it and knows the fix . Thanks much everyone:)
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"I cant hear a MP3 playback and my guitar at the same time"...?

Let us try this: You load a MP3 in Reaper and play it back. Do you hear the music without recording anything?

OK? This is fine. Now play your guitar through an amp or use an acoustic guitar. Now play in time - without recording. You use TWO sound sources.

b) Stop the MP3
Record your guitar, dont monitor via software, just hear your amp. Take line out to go into the A/D, adjust levels. Stop recording, play this back. Do you hear your guitar now coming out of the sequencer and out of the boxes?

give feedback and we can continue. Maybe your are talking about a latency problem? To adjust latency, create a clicktrack, play it back and record the sound via a microfon. Then you can see and hear the latency that has to be adjusted via parameter setting.
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check this play list out on you tube. It covers a lot of Audacity recording.

Mix - Audio How To: get professional sounding
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even tho I'm not using audacity or reaper myself, theres two or three hints I'd like to share with you -
from what I understood, you are attempting to listen to the wiki mp3 and your recording-track-signal at the same time,
and you expect to grab both coming out of your recording software.
I would not recommend such an approach, for listening to your own playing after the recording software (after meaning you want to hear the signal coming out of the recorder) can generally cause problems, like the latency issues mentioned.
A better approach would be to grab your playing signal before it enters the recorder -
a setup like
guitar -> mixer -> montitors
____________-> recorder
will work better than the
guitar -> mixer -> recorder -> mixer -> montiors chain you are going for.

Now, that doesn solve your problem yet, really, but is still worth noting.
now hint two :)
You import the mp3 into the recorder before you do anything else -
you might as well not do that and try to record the mp3 played back from the browser or some other player at the same time as you play along, like this:

browser playback -> record on track 1
guitar signal -> record on track 2

if you can set it up like this routing-wise, both tracks are in the same state of being recoded and should thus both get played back on your current setup - it will not allow overdubs, tho.

What you should really be looking for is some kind of button, propably close to the "activate this track for recording"-option that switches between "playback incoming signal" and "playback recorded track" - obviously your current setup has the same setting on all tracks, there must be a way to set that for each single track.
I'd check the documentary on "pre-listening" options - or check what happens if you set the "SOLO/PRL" option on both tracks (thats mostly to be found near the "Mute" button).

Dont pull your hair too much, as always with configuration, its just one click in the end :)
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Thanks all, will attempt your suggestions today !
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Hi MM3 and welcome... ;)

I've only got XP in front of me, but the following should be close.

In your Win7 sound settings...
start/control panel/sound and audio devices/advanced

You're looking for the "Master Volume" panel. (or what ever its now called in Win7)

- make sure "stereo" is off. (stops the echo later while recording)
- make sure line input (aka rear in, OR front in) is turned on
- make sure line input volume is up (e.g half way)

NOTE: It's possible you're not seeing all available tabs in the "Master Volume" panel.

To make sure, top left corner is an "Options" tab.

Click it and select "properties"...

You should see boxes with "Show the following volume controls"

Make sure the controls you need access to are checked.

I have my rig set-up as below...

beer -> guitar -> effects pedal -> mixer -> PC with Audacity -> monitor

Try that.

I found that Audacity by default needs a setting deactivated to hear both an MP3 and live input at the same time.

Open Audacity...

- Select your input device from the drop down boxes.
- At the top click "Transport" tab.
- Uncheck "Software play through"
- Only thing that is checked on is the "Overdube".

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Personally I use an old Cubase but have Audacity too.
Maybe you should look in Preferences (in the Edit menu) or Ctrl-P. Check your Playback Device, maybe you can set it to your Behringer xenyx x1622usb. That way you should be able to hear both through your headphone out or monitoring setup.

There probably will be some latency problems which you have to correct in the Recording part of the Preferences.
I don't know how to calculate this so maybe it's a trial error path untill you got the correct Latency correction. You could do that as suggested by
Neronick the Nickboy

I hope this helps, good luck!
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