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I would like to take a little of every ones time to thank everyone on the wikiloops for their support. For those who have not heard I am Rickpayer on the wiki and recently there was a fire at my house and lost all the music equipment and instruments I had. Because of the ongoing support of the wiki I get through each day by talking on line and listening to the talented musicians on this site. As I move forward I would like everyone to remember not to take anything for granted. Enjoy what you have. And as it is on the wiki don't judge others. In the time of need always remember that this community that Dick and everyone that helps him keep it going is always there. As I have said in the past and will continue to say, this is the best site on the internet. No BS or spammers. Just down to earth musicians having fun. You can always find a friend here even if you just like music and want to listen. No pressures. So in closing Thank You my wikilooper friends for all your support and let it be known when I am up and playing again I will catch up on all the tunes I wanted to play on. So keep those jams going. And a special thanks to Dick for this wonderful site.

Dave aka Rickplayer
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I did not know but now. I can feel with you, and I believe most of us know that kind of love relationship we have with our instruments.

Can be like loosing a friend.
Though new basses will come...

Thanks for the words
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I am deeply sorry for your loss. Keep my fingers crossed to quickly overcome and still come enjoy your talent.
Once in a life, man dying. I hope not because there is no beer. RIP Malcolm Young!
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Very sorry for your loss. Hope you can get back to jamming soon!
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What a nightmare! I really feel with you. I cant imagine what something like that would mean to me. But hang in there and hopefully something good comes out on the flipside
Pure fingerstyle
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Rick...hope your family is OK and doing well...You are right about this site...wonderful people, wonderful music..and friendship. Material things can be replaced..It will be OK

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wow, just read this. How is everything going now? What state are u in? (if u dont mind big deal)

There was a story about Whitesnake/Blue Murder guitarist John Sykes and his beloved '76 Les Paul. He wrecked his car and was knocked out. The car caught on fire and they pulled him out. He came to and saw it burning and his guitar was inside. The firemen etc had to restrain him from trying to get inside to get his guitar. Luckily for him they got the fire out and the guitar was ok
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wow, I haven't seen this post before. Sorry for your loss (I can easily imagine that some of these instruments have an emotional history too)
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Man, I'm really sorry to hear that. It sounds like you are a strong person and will bounce back!
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