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Give Me your Thoughts on North American Wikiloopers Meeting?

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Hey wikiloopers. I'd like to see if there is any interest in having a North American wikiloops live meeting. Hoping to plan something off in the future, maybe after the next Europe meet or jam. First step is to just brainstorm. Looking to do something with good planning as simple as possible. Wikiloop friendship, music, and fun are the goals. Dick will be involved. I'm hoping we can cover his travel costs if he is able to attend. Nashville has been proposed as one possible location. There's lots of music going on there and could be part of a good mini holiday package. See some sights, eat some food, wikiloops jam etc. Let me know what you all think. I don't want to exclude anyone by doing something too expensive. I would want it organized well for anyone travelling a long distance. Send me a private message if you prefer. Could be as simple as having a corn roast and camping at my farm.

- thanks - Slimdaver
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Man that sounds like fun!
"The good news is I'm already too old to die young" :D
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That is definitely one goal that I would love to participate in. It has been on my mind since I joined wikiloops and from the day I met you started playing music with your band in person,... The farm has a great vibe and we could play as late and loud as we wanted atop of that hill you live on!!
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I like the idea..got fam in Oklahoma..could kill two birds with one stone..don't consider myself good enough(yet) to be playin with y'all..but I'd be in to meet everyone, eat. and have some brewskis...and get the hell outta Dodge...

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Wouldn't it be awesome to have one here in the states is first thing that came to mind after watching the 2014 member meeting.
Even if I could not make the trip I would contribute to fly Dick
Good luck and hope it happens
Todd :)
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how awsome would that be ? you guys make that happen and also make sure that it's well documented audio + video :)
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Great idea! I'd come if it fits in the schedule - would be a blast :)
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Great idea guys

& ToadCruncher : pooling together to get Dick over would be an AWESOME iDEA !!

Although I'm in Portugal, given enough time in advance i'd try my best to go even if only to do as Fishinmissio says : hang out, eat & have a few brewskies !! ;)

Oh…& i miss spare ribs as you guys do in North America !! + all the Hagen Dazs flavours we don't get here…..
damn, now my mouth is watering… :D
plenty of time to rest when i'm dead...
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I was hoping someone would suggest this. :D
Carla J. Patterson
aka Carla Cryptic
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Just a quick update here folks. I'm looking for more interest before we can move forward and plan something. I know it will happen some day, hopefully in 2015.
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I guess there should be some type of Content Calendar, that could list some basic itinerary, like Location options and so on.

I think us wikiloopers are spread out all over the USA so this could be a tough one but maybe set up a separate thread just for gathering member sensuous info like:

1.Where do you live?
2.whats your maximum travel distance?
3.How likely you would attend from a scale of 1-10 could be based on sample locations, you choose.
4.Timing, what is the best weekend for you?
5.Other things could include questioned like Living Accommodations and of course the actual Jam space. It should be the same place if possibly or in very close proximity, depending on public transportation, or rental transportation.

These are just some ideas to get the ball Rock'n Roll'n. I'd really like to see this happen one year and i think gathering some basic info could help.

Peace my wiki friends
Todd from the East Coast:D
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That's a good idea Todd to get a poll going to narrow it down. I think Nashville was a possible location. I am east coast too so Nashville is ok for me. I wonder if more US wikiloopers are in the east or elsewhere? More eastern location might be better for European members who could come. For me it depends on schedule. I will go if I can.
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A poll is a good idea. Dick needs some sanity time since the update, but let's get him involved soon and we can blast a message out to all the members.
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Hey there folks :)
I have been following this thread ever since, guess its time to get involved here a bit. I'll try not make this too lengthy, so please excuse me for getting straight at the issues I see here:

1st - having a poll on the "where" is definetly not a good idea at this point IMO. Ask 16k people for a suggestion - what do you expect to get from this? At best, twenty cities that seem convenient to some, but chances to find one spot that seems most convenient would really be a surprise. So please, lets not have that. Nashville would be a central option, the west coast would be fine as well since Danalyse, PeterV and FishinMissio and some more people live in that part as far as I recollect.
From my experience with organizing the first meeting, I am a bit alert about the fact that not everyone who will get involved before such a meeting will actually show up and participate (...and help cover the cost...), so I'd definetly do it the other way around:
Propose a meeting with a given location, date and price and put that on offer, so anyone interested can jump in. I'd definetly ask for an ahead payment, too, for there is no other way to make sure no one will be left with a lot of cost in case some cant make it in the end. Sorry if that sounds like a downturn to some, I'll explain it in a bit.

2nd - what does it take to have such a meeting? It comes down to:
- a room suitable for the jamming activity (even better two rooms)
- a drumset, PA & monitors, a mixing console, mics and cables, optionally some light
- accomodation
- information on shuttle services, arrival, organization of amps and gear between the members, setting up a food concept (eating together is something that creates atmosphere, to leave it to anyone to "go out to eat" will split the group), negotiate individual needs...

Above may be organized at any place - what it comes down to is the question how much stuff can be supplied by or thru members at no or little cost, and how much of the above needs to be organized thru commercial suppliers.

For the sake of getting started somewhere, I have spent about half an hour googling around Nashville venues and found several options to investigate there, including official rehearsal studios, hostels, convention centers, airport shuttle services etc etc. It would be little effort to book all that for a given date in mid-2015, but the budget needed to do so would propably exceed 2.5k USD to be paid in advance - I have not contacted anyone for prices so far, but thats a fair guess I'd say.

I had been hoping someone located on US soil might propose something along the lines of
"Hey, I know this community center/church/school/youth hostel/whatever in this area that would definetly fit for such an occasion, and I could provide (part of) the needed gear from my contacts so that wont be at commercial prices",
doing it like this saved us A LOT of money when meeting in Urft this year - where the complete backline was supplied by me and a few friends and we benefitted from using a youth hostel in the country which was definetly the cheapest accomodation to book while the best venue to think of.

Since no such ideas / offers have been brought forward so far, I guess we are down to the more official & professional setup outlined above, which is also fine with me, but brings on diffrent figures budget wise.

So heres what I would propose at this point:
If there are no suggestions or offers from anyone,
I can go ahead and investigate a full-service-setups cost.
One would then promote the meeting and ask for definete bookings and (as soon as the critical number of potential participants has been reached) advance payments.
One might even do this via a crowdfunding platform. Either way, once there is the critical number of needed participants (which I'd say shouldn't be less than 12 people to reward the effort of organizing), I would go ahead and actually book the venue and supplies.
All I can say at this point is that this is not going to be nearly as cheap as the Urft meeting, I imagine the cost of accomodation, gear and venue might come down to something around 120 dollars a day per person - and this neither includes food nor anyones travelling cost. I'd like to explicitly ad that getting a paid flight myself would be nice, but is in no way a mandatory thing to me.

Hope this sounds reasonable, I surely dont want to "boss around" here, and as I have told Slim, everyone is open to do their thing and meet anytime they wish. I just wanted to offer my ideas on how I'd do this - I'd be glad to support anyone else who would like to go ahead with this, but please understand that I will only make use of the member information tools at my hands if there is a clear and realistic outline that can be presented to such a large audience without turning into a PR nightmare of some sort.

have a nice wikiend everyone!!
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Thanks Dick. Having you speak up is most important. Hold off on running numbers for Nashville for now. I think a location more North-East would be better for everyone wanting to attend. I'll try and do the grunt work on the numbers. The crowd funding idea is a good one. I just need to nail down a good location. If the wikiloops name is attached to a meeting, and money collected from members, Dick needs to be involved in the planning. I strongly feel Dick does not need any extra work though.

- Slim
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Thanks for keeping this going Dick and Slim. I hear what you mean about the Location census. I have certainly never organized a group event with members so spread out, but Gotta start somewhere right, My premature location query was more to find out how spread out we really are in the US and who is really interested. Like I said I expect this to be a lengthy process and since you already hosted one your input is invaluable to us in this thread.

I think a big part is to get some natural leaders interested and involved in the preliminary process. Once we have a few members in place in several area across the country they could suggest there Location and cost per day per person just for the event. then if there is certain interest we could take it to the next step. Somehow I doubt many will actually get involved in this stage but it wouldn't be the first time I was wrong

I will keep an eye on this thread but in the mean time get some ideas together for and post them here. If there's no interest then there is really no need to take it further in the North East area.

I just wanted to voice my thought on the actual number of people that would prepay and show up. It would be nice if it was 40 or 50 musicians but to be honest, I imagined it would be closer to what Dick mentioned. This is "ONLY" my humble opinion as I sit back and sip my whiskey..lol

Finally I will say this, I enjoy this site enough to drop some cash and personal energy if only to get 15 or 20 members to meet greet and jam. and yes Dick I think your ticket should be all or at the least partially absorbed in the process.

I can't stress this enough these are just some friendly suggestion to keep it rolling
Peace guys
I live in NH about 40 min outside of Boston
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Would love to attend a jam with all of you! I am in Tampa and while not central, or northeast, it is Sunny FL and a great place to vacation. I know a few pastors and could talk them into use of rec rooms if people don't start playing that devil worshiping music and trying to sacrifice things they would be ok with it:D. Anyway sounds like a convention of the die hard wiki warrior posse would be fun to participate in.
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We're interested, me 'n Felix.

We live on the west coast, near San Francisco. We don't have a whole lot of money-- the sooner we know the costs and housing options, the sooner we can plan and save! I guess that goes without saying for everyone who wants to go.

I'll keep watching for updates on this topic.
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Bumping up!

I'm north of Nashville by only a few hours so I'm looking forward to seeing what site is chosen.
"The good news is I'm already too old to die young" :D
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This is great! I hope you will get this job done! Good luck with this organisation!
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