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Hello from Manchester xxx

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Hi y'all. I'm Paul, from Manchester UK... I do a bit of everything -- write songs, play guitar, sing... have been doing some simple bass on my tracks too... hoping to VIRTUALLY meet people who can play better than me and make my songs sound really cool... I do bits and bobs of this and that but I'm not great at any one thing. I'm really happy with the drum tracks I've found here to underpin my ideas -- some immense drumming on this site -- but if you play anything else and fancy rerecording any aspect of anything I've done (vocals / guitar / bass / other stuff you want to add), just shout... we could rebuild the track from the ground up... or I could share Audacity project files if anyone fancies a play... totally open to suggestions. Here's a couple of my tracks with drum tracks found here... look out for more coming soon... rock on!


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Hello paul, welcome on wikiloops and have a good time here.
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I certainly hope so :-)
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"other stuff you want to add"... is an invitation to ANYONE to be creative.
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Hi Paul and a welcome to the loops from me :) Have fun !
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Thank you all xxx
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Welcome to the loops, Paul ;)
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