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Visualize while listening

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I composed a dynamic mandala for visualize while listening the playlist radio of Wikiloops.

I hope you like it

More ideas!!
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interesting project :) But how come the visualisation stays busy when I stop the tune? Doesnt it interact with the audio in any way? I was kind of expecting it to calm down when there was no sound...

i have been dipping into waveform-display options for the wikiloops player, but did not find any solution that I liked so far - should you have any experience in that field, advice would be appreciated :)
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The image does not interact with the melody in the project network. :|:@
I will evolve toward that idea.
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If you show the frequencies, artists and developers could create Wikiloops applications that draw waves.
You have the possibility to show the numbers of frequencies songs in a text field?
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