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100 years after world war one begun...

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these are the lyrics of track [url=http://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-21543.php]#21543[/url], called "100 years world war I - a personal message by MrSnuts"

it was way too much to post along with the track, so here they are:

This story began a 1914 in central europe. N thats where I' from, too.
it all started with news about some evil villains
who were supposed to have ambushed some dude
but what do we know?

everyone felt it was time to have a war,
and the press did their best, so everyone knew the score
we were the good ones, and the others were bad
millions died for nothing, one my GReat grand dad.

And I'd bet they all went with the best of intent
the papers did present it like about a sports event
so brave young men told their families goodbye
And by train and by horse, they went to die in versaille – talk about millions of men

twenty years later, the nazis knew:
the only evil on earth is the jew
and by radio n press they made the people believe
that a war was the cure for their loss and their grief

And again they all went with the best of intent
even better equipped against evil land
we were the good ones, and the others were bad
and millions died for nothing, one was my grand dad.

now, 60 years later it appears to me,
that this story stays part of my familytree
I have spent many hours trying to get a grip
why did they trade the right path for that evil trip

they should have known better, but were told it was right
that their wars were righteous, that there was evil to fight
but the crazy things is –
so did the guys who shot back
thats what good men will do when
propaganda s'taken for fact

so while bones were smashed and forfathers lost,
from the battlefields escaped a naughty ghost:
the idea that men were evil and to fight them was right
never ever got questioned and escaped in the night

and it keeps coming round, with help of the press,
when we woke up in europe, it moved on to US
the technique is much better, propaganda HD,
nsa knows who's evil, angst industry

So the reason I raise my voice today may sound a bit strange,
but I wanted to remind you all:
do not trust those who tell you there were people who hated you,
that there were people who wanted to take your land or harm your happyness.
That there were evil people in russia, or in palestine, or in nigeria
Good men all around the world will care for their families.
If we dont take their chance to do that,
why should they take the time to hate us?
There is no man born evil,
and no one who believes in any god will kill another man.
No good has ever been created by war.
And if you still believe a war could put an end to evil, let me ask you:
dont you think we have tried that often enough?
Have you ever wondered who installed the axis of evil in your brain?

Wake up – dont believe all the BS they tell you on TV
Speak up – anytime someone trys to tell you some nation was evil
say no – to anyone who say the easy way out was a war
better still – better jam on wikiloops than send in troops

Dont let them fool you
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wow..MrSnuts..says it ALL
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hey buddy !! this is awsome ... and the track is great as well ! wonderful flow of great lyrics :)
i really believe an outstanding track could come out of this !!
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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Just SO True!
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