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Download trouble

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Hi, I'm trying to download a drum track on an iPad but clicking the download button only opens a new page where the original track is streaming but I don't see any option to download or save so that I can work on a remix.
Is this an iPad issue or am I missing a step in the process?
I appreciate information on this.
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welcome Anamnesis,
this sounds like an iPad-issue to me - the usual behaviour on clicking the download button is the "where do you want to save this file" dialog on a windows machine. Obviously, your pad is configured to play the file in the browser instead of saving it, maybe there is some kind of settings you can change this by?
Lets hope there is another friendly iPad-owner who will tell us how to do it, I'd appreciate any hints, too :)
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Thanks for replying. I thought it migh be an iPad issue. Bummer! So much good stuff here to work with!
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Just tried downloading on a android tab, works fine.
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Having the same problem on my ipad. When I click download a new page opens that lets me play the track but not save it. I tried uploading to Dropbox but it saves the file as a pdf vice a music file. Any one broken the code on downloading wikiloop tracks to ipad or to dropbox from an ipad? Thanks and hope you can help.

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The iPad doesn't allow any soundfiles to be saved to the device itself!

If you want to do that on a iPad, the only way is to "jailbreak" the device. A sort of new operating system that allows much more configuring of the iPad!

But I don't recommend that if you don't know what you are doing!

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What Marc said. You can't download files on i-devices.
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Marc and Martin are correct that iDevices don't allow you to do it.

I have a workaround that may help but I haven't found a use for it yet other than to be able to post this answer:)

An app called "Documents" made by readdle has its own browser and will do android like downloads which gives you the choice to save the file within the app, to iCloud or just email it.

I don't know if you can import it to GarageBand.

Hope this helps.
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As Jeebsie says, the only way you're going to get the music onto an iPad (for Garage Band, I presume?) is to download the files onto your Mac/PC and then use iTunes to sync the music into the Garage Band app's 'document' area. Most apps (Office types and Music ones) offer the ability, via iTunes, to sync files into their file area of the iDevice. Once that is done, the files will be on the device.

It's protracted but it can be done.

Then you have the other problem of the mix you create! You can't just upload it to the loops (at least I don't think you can). Most will allow you to push it to Soundcloud or YouTube but unless specific support for the loops is implemented, you'll need to sync it back to a PC/Mac via iTunes to upload!

It's a right old rigmarole but there's plenty out there on the interwebs to help you do this.
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There is a long way around importing music on to your ipad if you have dropbox.
From memory will update when i have ipad in front of me
Download song on phone or computer and upload to dropbox.
Click the track in dropbox and choose pen in harmonicdog daw
Open harmonicdog multi trac daw. Create a new track paste your dropbox song into the track.
You can use audiobus to use the daw
In another app like amplitube garageband jam up etc.
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Good tip arron, I'll try that.

Good description there Martin on using iTunes to sync files to apps I do that with some Flac files I have.

I just read my post again and the key piece of information I left out was that you can do what I described from the app on your iDevice, though I've only done it on the iPhone but can't see why iPad would be different.

Documents has its own browser sandboxed within the app and is able to function independently of the boundaries Apple enforce.

I tried doing an upload and I got all the way to the 'drag and drop' part but can't work that one out.
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