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Forming a band or sumthing - Seeking people!

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Hi, one of my childhood dream always has been record a set of song that would form a record. And i think i finally reach some musical mature to do something at least nice. I need help to do it, its a task i cannot do alone, and if could i think is a task that also shouldnt done alone.

The topic of the project is about revolution, a cultural imaginary i feel the need i have to help keeping alive. i am hoping i find others heres able to empathize whit me about that.

In short,a drummer, bassist, someone whit mixing knowledge. I take the guitars rhytm & lead, vocals, as well the ┬┐base? composition. Of course i am open to any personal contributions on the wrting. Thinking about 12-11 tunes, 3:00 - 7:00 song lenght. Lyrical conentet is the clasical politcal/social/filosofical stuff.

I play something you would says is.. alternative rock? whit a touch of metal i guess. Heres some of my jams i would like to add - re- record seriusly, on most of my jams i only do one take of an old song i wrote roughtly addapted on the drum track i liked-.

Anyway in this tracks theres alot of contribution that aint mine, -at the drum tracks-. I feel i cant post this whiout saying thanks to those guys! I shoulda ask permission to them of course, becouse i aming to redo the drum lines more in tone on the original idea, and most important, the drummer style and his approach. Most of this tunes had a common strcutrue (intro, verse, coro bridge, coro or so) i want to twist a bit.




(each of this one was dedicated to a girl hahaha)




Thanks for reading! Dunno how active this forum, maybe i will have more luck asking on pm. btw, i do not seek any comercial benefits of this. Cya!
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Hi Zenon,

nice idea. As you said jamming on templates is fine and a really good excercise. But of course, these template usually use common structure to ease its use. There are exceptions of course. E.g. OliVBee usually creates sophisticated templates using unusual structures and chords.

I never tried to do such kind of work over the inet yet. Working out some individual composition can be difficult even if you do it in the practise room in real live.

Anyway, feel free to provide some 'draft' templates with some explanations, what you wanna do and the kind of additions you have in mind. At least I can try to provide some feedback or proposals.

Maybe the band feature might be useful here. The drafts could be kept private and deleted later, when the final results are officially released in the public WL - for that I would remix each layer separately, so others might be able to use parts of the template layers for their own ideas and otoh we can provide some optimum mixdown for the complete song.
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