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Howdy y'all....

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Hey I just found this website, so I guess I've been under a rock...So far, I love it and jammed a little yesterday after a 36 hour work weekend...Anyway, I'm a 52 year old wannabe drummer. We live in the amazing Texas Hill Country, married 21 years and have 3 kids...
My first question I guess is why so many tracks I click on don't play for me. Am I doing something wrong?
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Welcome Taye - no idea what's going on with being unable to play tracks. I've never personally experienced this issue.

So do you see the blue bar increasing as the track is downloaded?
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welcome to the loops Taye,
If your Browser hasn't been updated for a while, that might cause the problems with audio playback - please let me know what kind of operating system / browser combination you are using - maybe solving the problem is as easy as getting a current firefox or chrome browser...
have fun on wikiloops

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Thank you for the welcomes guys...Not sure what changed but today, every track I click on has played...This makes me very happy...lol...
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welcome onboard ! and enjoy the ride :)
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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Welcome from this long time wannabe bass player :)
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