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New to this site :)

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Hello all! I hope I did not go about my recoding wrong, lol! I was trying it out with a session called Jazz Rock jam, but did not see all the rules for going about doing so. I am so excited to just get to play and record with these tracks I went crazy, should have taken more time and asked the others if they did not mind my 2 cents worth, lol Anyway this is a really cool site Kudos to the people who made it, it is so easy
to use the interface, I just need more time/practice I think :)
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Hello Edge59 and welcome to the loops from me :) You have fun here because that is a big part of the 'Loops' Enjoy ! Shi
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Thank you Shi, I will enjoy this site and Im happy to meet you! :)
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Welcome to the loops, Edge59 :)

and for "...but did not see all the rules for going about doing so..."
there is that link at the very top of any wikiloops page where it says "help" :) Just sayin'

have fun around!
"Sorry - had to do it!" - Les Claypool

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Hey Edge ... welcome onboard ! enjoy the ride ;)
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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Welcome and have fun !
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