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Hey wikilooper !

I imagine , that some of you got a soundcloud channel.
So, here is mine : [url=] Roux - SoundCloud [/url]

Share your, then i ll follow you !

have a good day everyone
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done ! ;) (you can put the link in your profile)
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But... all my tracks are privat :P
I use it for different band/recording projects and there's nothing to share. Currently I'm working on a song for Eurovision contest. When we'll finish, I'll share it :D
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I wonder if it's OK to share my wikiloops remixes in soundcloud? With credits to jam-mates and links to wikiloops of course! ;)
What do you think?
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Hey Tumbass,

This is a pretty difficult question to answer properly - let me try, step by step.

Most wikiloops tracks come with the "wikiloops public license".
This license allows you to use and alter the track for your private use, without having to ask the authors permission. You are also allowed to post remixes of those tracks to wikiloops, which is not a private place.

The big question is:
Is uploading a wikiloops track to soundcloud (or YouTube, Facebook etc) still within private use?

To guarantee that, the following criteria should be met:
- no ads on the track page (otherwise, someone is making money, thats not private use)
- you will have to grant places like soundcloud rights before uploading content. They cannot host your track if you do not allow them to, and -depending on their terms of use- some websites will ask you to choose a license for your content or just take it for granted you are giving them a license - which may include various rights you may not be happy about.
Concerning wikiloops tracks: You do not have permission to grant any kind of license on a track which was partially composed by others. They granted a wikiloops license, nothing more. There is no telling if they are OK with what you are doing there, or Facebook (or any other site) claiming copyright on the track after you uploaded it there.
It comes down to: You will have to ask the wikiloopers for permission to make sure they are OK with your plans. Mind, you do not need permission from wikiloops, you need permission from the involved artists.

OK, that is the correct answer.

Two more things are important to know:

First, no matter what you do and your fellow musicians may say- any wikiloops track posted elsewhere should be obviously stating that it was originally created on wikiloops, and who were the musicians involved. Ideally, a link to the original track should be offered.

Besides all the legal problematics mentioned above, you may assume that most wikiloops members will be happy to get their tracks played regardless of the mentioned licensing issues.
There have been no legal claims about such things of which I have knowledge at this time, and wikiloops is not monitoring content on soundcloud for such activities at this time.
Should there be great amounts of credit-less use of wikiloops tracks on any kind of platform, I may at some point try to claim that content, if the uploaders cannot prove they have the wikiloops members permission.
Nobody wants to keep you from having creative fun, but the internet is not a lawless place as some people assume. Sorry if this is a complicated matter, licensing is complicated in general, so wikiloops is not to blame.

Last remark: I take licensing serious.
There are rights-holders claiming their shares whenever someone carelessly posts a cover track on wikiloops which I have to deal with.
That's a reality few people are aware of, for places like youtube can afford to let people believe these were minor issues...
So its not wikiloops being a bit tight, I am forced to play by the rules, and I respect peoples creative output enough to also respect their choice of license.
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Thank you for in-depth explanation!
It should be a sticky or part of FAQ.
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