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Hi everyone,

I really like to listen new jams and also try to find more homeworks for myself (the tracks that I decided to play drums with) on mobile while I am working, while driving, while eating =) hehehe =) Yes, I am one of them who uses mobile very often ;)

Ok, the problem is; while I am listening tracks, there are many things comes to my mind, grooves, patterns, etc. Than I decided to work on that track and add it into my playlist. Than What? I generally cant remember those grooves, patterns, cant remember what I think, what I feel, what I dream about the tracks at the first time listening =(

So please, it would be great if we have a chance to take little notes just before adding tracks to our playlists =)

Best Regards,
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hey Laruno,

thats a good idea :) I have found myself writing spontaneous lyriycs ideas into the comment section, just to make sure they wont slip my memory... being able to write a kind of "private note" would indeed be nice - the only problem I see is where to display that on the (already very full) interface. I will keep thinking about this and maybe I'll find a good solution sometime.

I still have a pretty long worklist ahead before adding new features, but keep them ideas coming anytime.
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